Additel ADT936 Hydraulic Pressure Pump, 1000bar

The Additel ADT936Hydraulic Pressure Pump, with its ability to generate pressures as high as 1000 bar, gives you the precision, control and variety of functions that are needed for calibration and testing. In order to ensure accurate calibration results, its fine adjustment control valve allows precise adjustment of the pressure. It ensures the durability and operator protection, thanks to its robust construction and safety features. The Additel ADT936 is a reliable and efficient tool to meet the requirements of high pressures calibration, whether used in laboratories, calibrating facilities or field applications.

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Additel ADT936 Hydraulic Pressure Pump, 1000 bar

The Additel ADT936 Hydraulic Pressure Pump is a high-performance pressure generation tool designed for precise and reliable hydraulic pressure calibration and testing. We shall look at the main features and functions of the Additel ADT936 hydraulic pressure pump in this section.

High-Pressure Generation:

The Additel ADT936 can generate pressures up to 1000 bar, so it’s ideal for use in applications where calibration and testing are required. It provides a precise and constant pressure output, guaranteeing trust in the calibration process thanks to its superior construction and Advanced Hydraulic System. This pump is capable of giving the required forces for testing and calibration of pressure-measuring instruments and devices operating at a wide range of pressures.

Precision and Control:

Equipped with a fine-adjustment control valve, the Additel ADT936 enables precise pressure adjustment with exceptional resolution. This feature ensures that the calibration results are reliable and consistent by making it possible for users to achieve their required pressure with high accuracy. The design of the pump shall ensure smooth and accurate pressure control, minimising fluctuations, and providing an appropriate testing environment.

Versatile Applications:

The Additel ADT936 hydraulic pressure pump is used in a wide range of industries, e.g. oil and gas, aeronautics, automobiles etc. It is suitable for calibrating and testing pressure transmitters, gauges, sensors, valves or other devices sensitive to pressure. Due to the pump’s high-pressure capacity and reliable performance, it is an essential tool for laboratories, calibration facilities, and field technicians working in highly demanding pressure measurement environments.

Durability and Safety:

The Additel ADT936 has been designed so as to meet the durability and safety requirements, with a tough construction that will keep it operational during rough operating conditions. In demanding industrial environments, it’s ensured longevity and reliability by its superior quality materials and engineering. In order to improve the safety of operators in performing pressure generation and test activities, the pump shall have security features including overpressure protection and pressure relief valves.

Additel ADT936 Hydraulic Pressure Pump, 1000bar specifiications:

  • Media: Sebacate Oil
  • Generated Pressure Range: 85% vacuum to 15,000psi (1000bar) positive
  • Material:
    Ram/adapters: SS
    Body: SS/Aluminum
    Seals: Buna-N
  • Connection:
    Hand-tight connectors for both test gauge and reference gauge.
    Test Gauge Connection: 1/4NPT female, 1/4BSP female, or M20X1.5 female
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 9.1″ (230 mm)
    Base: 20.5″ (520 mm) x 14.2″ (360 mm)
  • Weight: 35.2 lb (16 kg)
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