CEM DT-171 Temperature and Humidity Datalogger

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CEM DT-171 Temperature and Humidity Datalogger

The CEM DT-171 is a temperature and humidity datalogger, which is an essential tool for accurately recording environmental conditions over time. This device is widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food storage, and any other application where maintaining specific climate conditions is crucial.

The DT-171 typically features capabilities to log a significant amount of data, which can then be analyzed to ensure that environmental parameters remain within the required limits. Its compact design often includes features like a digital display, USB connectivity for data transfer, and easy-to-use software for data analysis. This makes the DT-171 a practical choice for professionals needing to monitor and archive temperature and humidity data efficiently.

CEM DT-171 Key Features

  • Freely selectable measurement cycle from 2sec. to 24h
  • Battery life: more than 3 years
  • Display all status information through two LEDs
  • Download collected data through USB interface
  • Alarm display if user-defined maximum/minimum values exceed
  • Analysis software used to view graph for logging data
  • The readings are saved in the logger and simply read out by your PC with USB interface.
  • Memory for 16000 (171) readings

CEM DT-171 Specifications

Temp range-40 to 70℃-40 to 70℃
-40 to 158℉-40 to 158℉
Temp Accuracy±1℃±1℃
Humidity range0 to 100%RH
Humidity Accuracy±3.5%RH
Temp K range
Temp k Accuracy
Memory32000(16000 each for temperature and humidity)
Measuring rate2sec.to 24h
Battery lifeTypically 3 years
Analysis softwareWindows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7
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CEM Corporation Overview

CEM Corporation, founded in 1978, is renowned for its pioneering contributions to scientific instrumentation with a focus on microwave-based technology for laboratory and research applications. The founders—Dr. Michael J. Collins (Chemist), Ronald Goetchius (Electrical Engineer), and Bill Cruse Jr. (Mechanical Engineer)—launched the company with a novel concept for microwave drying that significantly expedited moisture and solids analysis processes from hours down to minutes, which was a groundbreaking improvement at the time.

Product Innovation and Evolution

Over the years, CEM Corporation has expanded its product offerings beyond its original microwave moisture/solids analysis systems. Their portfolio now includes systems for:
  • Acid digestion for elemental analysis
  • Compositional testing of food products
  • Peptide and chemical synthesis
The company's dedication to innovation is reflected in their development of a diverse range of instruments suited for various applications from academic research to industrial quality control.
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