DN4237 ifm power supply

DN4237 ifm’s switched-mode power supply 24 V DC features IO-Link communication for controllers, sensors, actuators, and industrial electronics. This power supply has a high efficacy for low power loss, a high main buffering time, a design that conserves space, and high-power reserves. In addition, it protects the wiring with programmable electronic circuit breakers and provides additional diagnostics by measuring current, voltage, and mains quality, as well as operating hours. You can transmit the output voltage, load currents, output circuit states, and trigger cause via IO-Link, as well as turn on and off the output circuits and recalibrate the circuit breakers. The DN4237 ifm power supply is available for purchase on the MME-AE website, which provides a convenient platform for purchasing ifm products in Dubai and other regions. Do not pass up this chance to acquire an intelligent and potent power supply with IO-Link for your applications.

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DN4237 ifm power supply

Do your industrial electronics, such as controllers, sensors, and actuators, require a smart and dependable power supply?

Do you want a gadget that can keep an eye on your power usage and quality while shielding your wire from overcurrent?

In that case, you may want to look into DN4237 ifm power supply’s switched-mode power supply 24 V DC.

A high-performance power supply, the DN4237 ifm power supply, has an output current capacity of up to 20 A at minimum output voltage and up to 17.8 A at maximum output voltage.

It includes an adjustable output voltage range of 24 to 28 V DC and an automatic range selection of input voltage from 400 to 480 V AC. It can tolerate peak loads and transient surges thanks to its 20% high power reserve, which does not degrade the output quality.

The DN4237 ifm power supply has the distinctive ability to safeguard the wire using programmable electronic circuit breakers.

Each of the four output circuits can have its current limit and tripping time controlled, and its condition can be checked using LED indicators or IO-Link communication.

By doing this, you may shield your equipment from short circuits, overloads, and cable breaks.

Additionally, the DN4237 ifm power supply features an integrated diagnostics feature that enables you to check the input and output circuits’ current, voltage, and mains quality.

Additionally, each circuit’s running hours and trips can be counted. Your energy efficiency and maintenance plans can be optimised in this way.

With a width of only 45 mm and a depth of about 100 mm, the DN4237  ifm power supply is a small device.

It is simply mounted using screws on a wall or a DIN rail. It is appropriate for outside use because of its strong metal shell and IP67 protection grade.

Numerous ifm accessories, including connectors, cables, fuses, filters, and surge protectors, are compatible with the DN4237 ifm power supply.

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Don’t pass up this chance to acquire the DN4237  ifm  switched-mode power supply 24 V DC. You will receive a clever and dependable power supply from this device for your industrial applications.

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  • Protection of the wiring via configurable electronic circuit breakers
  • Installation without control cabinet
  • Additional diagnostics by measuring current, voltage and mains quality as well as counting operating hours
  • Energy-efficient generation of extra-low voltage without power loss

DN4237 ifm power supply Specifications

Electrical data
  • Nominal voltage AC [V]: 400 / 480
  • Nominal frequency AC [Hz]: 50…60
  • Input voltage range AC [V]: 323…552
  • Output voltage DC [V]: 24…28
  • Protection class: I
  • Max. power-on delay time [ms]: 12
  • Output voltage tolerance [%]: 0.2
  • Max. output current at min. output voltage [A]: 20.8
  • Max. output current at max. output voltage [A]: 17.8
  • Output power (permanent) [W]: 500
  • Output power (peak) [W]: 1000
  • Power factor (nominal voltage 400 V AC / 50 Hz): 0.94
  • Power factor (nominal voltage 480 V AC / 50 Hz): 0.95
  • Number of output circuits: 4
  • Switch-on peak current (nominal voltage 400 V AC / 60 Hz) [A]: 2.1
  • Switch-on peak current (nominal voltage 480 V AC / 50 Hz) [A]:2
  • Efficiency (nominal voltage 400 V AC / 60 Hz) [%]: 94.2
  • Efficiency (nominal voltage 480 V AC / 50 Hz) [%]: 94
  • Mains buffering time (nominal voltage 400 V AC / 60 Hz) [ms]: 24
  • Mains buffering time (nominal voltage 480 V AC / 50 Hz) [ms]: 24
  • Input current (nominal voltage 400 V AC / 60 Hz) [A]: 1.1
  • Input current (nominal voltage 480 V AC / 50 Hz) [A]: 0.9
  • Load capacitance, total [mF]: 12.5
  • Communication interface: IO-Link
  • Unterstützte Masterportklasse: A
  • Transmission type: COM3 (230,4 kBaud)
  • IO-Link revision: 1.1
  • SIO mode: yes
  • Min. process cycle time [ms]: 2
Operating conditions
  • Ambient temperature [°C]: -25…70
  • Storage temperature [°C]: -40…85
  • Max. relative air humidity [%]: 95; (relative humidity)
  • Max. height above sea level [m]: 5000
  • Protection: IP 65; IP 67
  • Pollution degree: 3
Mechanical data
  • Weight [g]: 1616.05
  • Dimensions [mm]: 182 x 183 x 59
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