Extech TKG100 DGT Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Extech TKG100:

In general, the digital ultrasonic thickness gauge is a very accurate and efficient tool for measuring the thickness of materials that is used in many industries.


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Extech TKG100 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

A non-destructive measurement tool called the Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (Extech TKG100) is employed to determine the thickness of various materials. Ultrasonic waves are used in this gadget to gauge the material’s thickness. This gadget is utilized by a variety of businesses, including those that produce steel, oil and gas, cars, transportation, and building supplies.

product overview

Thickness Gauges are available from Extech TKG100 in a small, portable, durable housing that is perfect for use in the field. Non-destructive thickness measurements for predominantly steel constructions are possible thanks to ultrasonic technology. For materials with high temperatures and that are challenging to measure, it offers a variety of transducer alternatives. includes a 2 oz coolant bottle, 2 AA batteries, a 5 MHz transducer, and a sturdy carrying bag.

Due to its high precision, quick measurement times, ability to be utilized in hazardous and challenging conditions, and lack of need to harm the material, digital ultrasonic thickness measuring equipment is widely employed.

function & applications

The digital ultrasonic thickness measurement equipment is extremely easy to use. Utilizing ultrasonic waves, this gadget gauges the thickness of various materials. A transducer in this apparatus generates ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic waves go through the material after being directed to its surface by the transducer. The transducer then catches these waves once more and sends them back to the apparatus.

The apparatus constantly emits ultrasonic waves and measures the amount of time these waves take to pass through the material to determine the thickness. The gadget can accurately determine the thickness of the material using this time.

This gadget often has many modes that may be used to conveniently measure the thickness of materials with various surfaces. Additionally, some instruments feature parameters that may be changed to measure thickness in a variety of environments, including temperature, humidity, and others.

Extech TKG100 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge features

  • Certifications: CE
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Power: 2 × AA (1.5V) batteries
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • High accuracy

Extech TKG100 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge specifications

  • Material Velocity Calibration: 0.200 to 0.7362 in/µS (0.508 to 18.699mm/µS)
  • Steel Thickness 5MHz probe: 0.040 to 20″ (1.0 to 508mm); 10MHz probe: 0.030″ to 2″ (0.76mm to 50.8mm)
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