Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator

Fluke 718-300G is a Pressure source and milliamp measurement for calibrating and servicing almost any pressure device.

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Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator

The Fluke 718-300G is a milliamp measurement and pressure source that may be used to calibrate and maintain virtually any pressure device. If the integrated pump is accidentally exposed to liquids, it is simple to clean, which lowers operating and repair costs and allows for on-site pump maintenance.
A dependable and accurate tool for measuring pressure in industrial and laboratory environments is the Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator. Pressure gauge, transmitter, and switch calibration are just a few of the many applications for which this adaptable calibrator is made to fulfill the needs.

Fluke Pressure Calibrator

fluke 718-300g Pressure Calibrator advantages

The Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator’s great precision is one of its key advantages. It is perfect for applications that call for precise measurements because of its accuracy of 0.025% of the full-scale range. It also has an integrated pressure sensor that offers accurate measurements without the requirement for an external reference gauge.

The Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator’s adaptability is an additional advantage. It is appropriate for a variety of applications because it can detect pressure in the range of -12 psi to 300 psi. In addition, it can be utilized as a pressure source to produce a variety of pressure readings for calibration needs. To get more information about the fluke 718-300g price, contact our experts.

  • Error % calculation for quicker pass/fail decision-making in the field
  • Best in class mA accuracy of 0.015 % for better measurement confidence and workload coverage
  • Min/Max/Hold to capture changing measurements
  • Switch test feature for quicker and more accurate pressure switch testing
  • New 1 and 300 PSI pressure ranges mean fewer extra tools required
  • 1, 30, 100 & 300 PSI ranges are now available

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator’s accuracy?

The accuracy of the Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator is 0.025% of the full-scale range.

Can pressure transmitters to be calibrated using the Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator?

Yes, pressure transmitters can be calibrated using the Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator. Pressure switches, gauges, and other pressure measuring devices can all be calibrated using it.

Vacuum pressure can be measured with the Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator.

Vacuum pressure cannot be measured by the Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator, unfortunately. It is made to measure pressures between -12 and 300 psi.

fluke 718-300g specifications:

  • Range -12 PSI to 300 PSI, (-850 mbar to 20.68 bar, -85 to 2068.42 kPa)
  • Resolution 0.01 psi, 1 mbar
  • Over Pressure Over Pressure 375 PSI 25 bar
  • Functions Zero, Min, Max, Hold, Damp
  • Battery Type 6 AA Alkaline batteries, NEDA 15A IEC LR6
  • Battery Life 100 hours minimum. 200 hours in Logging mode
  • Size 8.75 in x 4.03 in x 2.38 in (22.2 cm x 10.2 cm x 6.0 cm)
  • Weight 28.0 oz (871 g)
fluke 718 300g calibration manual :

you can seek more info by checking fluke 718 300g manual pdf,fluke 718 300g datasheet.

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1 review for Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator

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  1. sam

    Fluke 718 300G is one of the best pressure calibrator in the market

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