Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator

Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator Key features :

  • Powerful, easy-to-use, high-accuracy temperature calibrator
  • Test and calibrate temperature sensors and transmitters
  • Measures 4 to 20 mA loops and can provide loop power
  • Measures RTDs, thermocouples, ohms, and volts
  • Source/simulates thermocouples, RTDs, volts, and ohms
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Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator

The Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator is a powerful and dependable tool for calibrating temperature-sensitive equipment and systems. It is a popular choice among professionals in a variety of industries due to its precision calibration capabilities and user-friendly interface.

Fluke 724 overview

The Fluke 724 is a robust yet simple temperature calibrator that can source and measure 10 thermocouple and 7 RTD types, as well as voltages and ohms. It also measures mA while providing loop power to the transmitter. It can be used to test and calibrate practically any temperature instrument, so you only need one tool to expertly test all of your plant’s temperature sensors and transmitters.

The Fluke 724 can also handle high-speed pulsed RTD circuits and supply loop power. The dual-line measure/source display allows you to source temperature while also viewing loop current. You’ll be able to complete all of your tests faster because to its straightforward, “no menus” controls. Whether you’re performing fast linearity testing with the 25% and 100% step capabilities, or a remote test with the auto step or auto ramp capability, the Fluke 724 can help.

Key Features

  • Precision Calibration: The Fluke 724 provides precise temperature calibration, assuring accurate readings for sensitive applications.
  • Dual functionality: In addition to temperature calibration, it also acts as a robust process calibrator, eliminating the need for users to carry numerous equipment.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive design allows for simple navigation and configuration, making it suitable for both experienced and inexperienced personnel.
  • Enhanced Portability: The Fluke 724 is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transfer between job sites.
  • Time-Saving Functions: Its innovative features expedite calibration processes, saving time and increasing production.


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Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator Specifications

  • Ramp functions (Source functions) : Voltage, current, resistance, frequency, temperature
  • Ramp functions (Ramp ) : Slow ramp, Fast ramp, 25% step-ramp
  • Loop power function (Voltage) : 24 V
  • Loop power function (Maximum current) : 22 mA, short circuit protected
  • Step functions (Source functions ) : Voltage, current, resistance, frequency, temperature
  • Step functions (Steps) : 25% of range, 100% of range
  • Operating temperature -10°C to 55°C
  • Storage temperature -20°C to 71°C
  • Size : 96 x 200 x 47 mm
  • Weight : 650 g
  • Batteries : Four AA alkaline batteries
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1 review for Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator

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  1. Lydia

    If your into commissioning controls this is great! Source and read at the same time.

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Fluke Corporation

Since its founding in 1948, Fluke has helped define and grow a unique technology market, providing testing and troubleshooting capabilities that have grown to mission critical status in manufacturing and service industries. Every new manufacturing plant, office, hospital, or facility built today represents another potential customer for Fluke products. From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service, to precision measurement and quality control, Fluke tools help keep business and industry around the globe up and running. Typical customers and users include technicians, engineers, metrologists, medical-device manufacturers, and computer network professionals — people who stake their reputations on their tools, and use tools to help extend their personal power and abilities.

Data Sheet

Data Sheet


DC Current(Range/Resolution/Accuracy)

24.000 mA/0.02 % + 2 counts

DC Voltage(Range/Resolution/Accuracy)

100.00 mV/0.02 % + 2 counts, 20.000 V/0.02 % + 2 counts, 30.000 V /0.02 % + 2 counts


0.0 Ω to 400.0 Ω/0.1 Ω, 1500 Ω to 3200 Ω/1 Ω, 401 Ω to 1500 Ω/0.5 Ω

temperature calibrator

NI-120, PT-100 (385), PT-100 (393), PT-200 (385), PT-500 (385)

Source DC voltage(Range/Resolution/Accuracy)

10.000 V/0.02 % +2 counts, 100.00 mV/0.02 % +2 counts

Source Resistance(Range/Resolution/Accuracy)

15.0 Ω to 400.0 Ω/0.15 Ω, 1500 Ω to 3200 Ω/1 Ω, 401 Ω to 1500 Ω/0.5 Ω

Thermocouples type


Electrical Specifications

NI-120, PT-100 (385), PT-100 (393), PT-200 (385), PT-500 (385)

Thermocouples type


Mechanical and General Specifications

201 mm x 98 mm x 52 mm


600 g


9 V battery ANSI

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