Fluke 729 30G FC Pressure Calibrator

Fluke 729 30G FC Powerful and easy to use, the automatic pressure calibrator auto-generates pressure up to 30 psi with an internal electric pump providing accurate calibration for multiple points. Work with a higher degree of confidence with this calibrator that offers HART communication capabilities and wirelessly monitors and logs results.

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Fluke 729 30G FC Pressure Calibrator

The Fluke 729 30G FC Automatic Pressure Calibrator includes a plethora of features meant to simplify and improve the calibration process. With the capacity to generate and regulate pressures up to 300 psi automatically, this calibrator is a versatile solution for a variety of pressure calibration needs. The gadget has onboard test templates to simplify the documentation process and ensure easy and fast process documentation.

The calibrator’s efficiency is enhanced further by its automatic internal fine-pressure adjustment capability, which contributes to more precise and consistent readings. Its versatility includes the capacity to measure, source, and simulate 4 to 20 mA signals, as well as provide 24 V loop power for transmitter testing.

Enhanced Functionality and Connectivity of Fluke 729 Calibrator

The colour graphical display with dual/triple-channel capability enhances the intuitive user experience by offering complete data visualisation. Furthermore, the calibrator supports HART connectivity, enabling for fast smart transmitter testing. The built-in leak testing capability assures the integrity of the testing environment throughout setup verification. The device’s usefulness is emphasised by its durable portable design, which is complimented by a standard 3-year warranty, encouraging trust in its longevity and effectiveness.

The calibrator can measure voltage for 1 to 5 V DC output transmitters and is compatible with 700 Series and 750 Series pressure modules. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with the DPCTrack2TM Calibration Management Software, allowing for the submission and management of documented test results.
All of these features are neatly packaged in a unique semi-rigid carrying case built exclusively for field use, making the Fluke 729 30G FC a must-have instrument for technicians looking for precision, ease, and efficiency in pressure calibration endeavours.

Fluke 729 30G FC Pressure Calibrator specifications:

  • Psi range, resolution:-12.0000 to 30.0000 psi
  • Bar range, resolution:-0.82737 to 2.06842 bar
  • kPa range, resolution:-82.737 to 206.843 kPa
  • Comment: No wireless communication
  • mA Measure, Source and Simulate: 0 to 24 mA
  • Volts DC Measure: 0 to 30 V DC
  • mA DC Source, Simulate and Measure: 1 μA
  • Voltage DC Measurement: 1 mV
  • Accuracy: 0.01% ± 2 LSD all ranges (at 23°C ± 5°C)
  • Stability: 20 ppm of full scale /°C from 14 to 64.4°F (-10 to +18°C) and 82.4 to 122°F (28 to +50°C)
  • Loop Compliance Voltage: 24 V DC at 20 mA
  • mA Simulate External Voltage Requirement: 12 to 30 V DC
  • Temperature: 0.01°F (0.01°C)
  • Drive Capability :1200 Ω without HART resistor, 950 Ω with internal HART resistor
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