Fluke BT521 Battery Analyzer

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Fluke BT521 Battery Analyzer

The Fluke BT521 Battery Analyzer is a sophisticated and versatile tool designed for comprehensive testing and analysis of batteries used in various applications. This battery analyzer is engineered to provide accurate and reliable results, making it essential for professionals working in fields such as industrial maintenance, transportation, telecommunications, and energy storage systems.

The Fluke Battery Management Software simplifies the process of importing data from the battery analyzer to a PC. This software stores and archives measurement data and battery profile information, enabling comparison of results, switching between conductance and resistance readings, and conducting trend analysis. It also facilitates the generation of reports using the stored data, battery profiles, and analysis information.

  • Quick view saved readings
  • Profile management
  • Histogram of a battery string with end user defined threshold
  • Historical trend data of batteries
  • Multiple rounds of discharge voltage
  • Quick Report Generation
  • Upgrade Fluke Battery Analyzer firmware
  • Switch measurement results between conductance and resistance readings

Fluke BT521 Key Features

  • Key measurements – Internal battery resistance, dc and ac voltage, dc and AC, ripple voltage, frequency, and temperature.
  • Sequence measurement mode – Automatic or manual sequence testing of battery strings with automatic measurement storage including voltage, resistance and temperature (with BTL21 intelligent test probe), eliminating the need to press a button each time a measurement needs to be saved.
  • Comprehensive logging – All measured values are automatically captured during testing and can be reviewed on the instrument before downloading for on the-go analysis.

Fluke BT521 Specifications

General Specifications – Battery Analyzer
Size (H x W x D) 22 x 10.3 x 5.8 cm (9 x 4 x 2 in)
Weight 850 g (1.9 lb)
Screen dimensions 7.7 x 5.6 cm (3 x 2.2 in)
Interface USB mini
Range Resolution Accuracy BT510 BT520 BT520ANG BT521 BT521ANG
Battery Resistance / Strap Resistance1 3 mΩ 0.001 mΩ 1% + 8
1% +68
30 mΩ 0.01 mΩ 0.8% + 6
300 mΩ 0.1 mΩ 0.8% + 6
3000 mΩ 1 mΩ 0.8% + 6
VDC 6 V 0.001 V 0.09% + 5
60 V 0.01 V 0.09% + 5
600 V 0.1 V 0.09% + 5
1000 V 1 V 0.09% + 5
VAC (45 Hz to 500 Hz with 800 Hz filter) 600 V 0.1 V 2% + 10
Frequency (displayed with VAC and AAC)2 500 Hz 0.1 Hz 0.5% + 8
AC voltage ripple (20 KHz  Max) 600 mV 0.1 mV 3% + 20
6000 mV 1 mV 3% + 10
ADC/AAC (with accessory Fluke i410) 400 A 1 A 3.5% + 2
Temperature 0°C to 60°C 1°C 2°C (4°F)
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