Fluke SPLT Self Purging Liquid Trap

The Fluke SPLT Self Purging Liquid Trap is a vital accessory in pressure calibration, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the calibration process. Its innovative design and user-friendly maintenance features make it a standout solution in industries where precision is non-negotiable. The SPLT’s role in preventing liquid contamination aligns with the broader need to maintain purity and accuracy in various applications, contributing to the overall success of calibration processes.


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Fluke SPLT Self-Purging Liquid Trap

Fluke SPLT Self Purging Liquid Trap is a crucial accessory in pressure calibration, safeguarding the Precision Pressure Controller (PPC) from potential liquid contamination from the system or device under test. This innovative solution addresses the need to protect delicate calibration equipment from liquid impurities that could compromise accuracy and functionality. The SPLT is designed to collect and expel liquid contaminants, preventing their return to the PPC and ensuring reliable and precise pressure calibration.

Design and Functionality

The Fluke SPLT is a free-standing accessory with a self-purging mechanism, allowing it to trap and eliminate liquid contaminants efficiently. Its design protects the PPC from potential harm caused by liquids that might find their way back into the calibration system. The self-purging feature ensures that any collected liquid is expelled, maintaining the integrity of the calibration process. This design is a testament to Fluke’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for the challenges associated with pressure calibration.

Application in Calibration Systems

The Fluke SPLT is an integral component in calibration systems where liquid contaminants may be present in the device or system under test. By effectively collecting and exhausting these contaminants, the SPLT prevents their return to the PPC, preserving the accuracy and reliability of the calibration results. Its application is crucial in industries where precision is paramount, such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace.

User-Friendly Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the continuous efficiency of the SPLT. Fluke provides a user-friendly approach to maintenance, offering replacement filters and valves for the SPLT. These replacement parts are readily available, simplifying the process of keeping the SPLT in optimal working condition. The availability of replacement components adds to the overall user experience, making the SPLT a practical and sustainable solution for pressure calibration needs.

Fluke SPLT Self-Purging Liquid Trap Specifications:

  • Pressure Connections: 1/4 in. NPT F
  • Power Requirements: Apply 12 V to actuate valve, 6 watts
  • Weight: 1.7 kg (3.8 lb)
  • Dimensions: 10 cm H x 10 cm W x 17.5 cm D (3.9 in. x 3.9 in. x 6.9 in.)
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 2000 psi
  • Maximum Differential Across Filter: 80 psi
  • Operational Capacity of Filter Body: 10 cc
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pressure pump

1/4 in. NPT F

Mechanical and General Specifications

10 cm H x 10 cm W x 17.5 cm D (3.9 in. x 3.9 in. x 6.9 in.)


1.7 kg (3.8 lb)


Apply 12 V to actuate valve, 6 watts

Maximum Working Pressure

2000 psi

Maximum Differential Across Filter

80 psi

Operational Capacity of Filter Body

10 cc