HIOKI Insulation Tester ST5520


  • Rapidly assess in as fast as 50 ms
  • Quick discharge of residual voltage
  • Freely configurable test voltage
  • Contact check function
  • Short-circuit check function
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HIOKI Insulation Tester ST5520

The Hioki PW3360 Clamp On Power Logger is a crucial tool in the field of electrical safety testing, specifically designed to ensure the insulation resistance and voltage withstand capabilities of electrical devices and components. This device aligns with various safety standards, making it an indispensable asset in quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

Industry-Leading Speed and Accuracy

The Hioki PW3360 sets itself apart with its remarkable speed, capable of delivering pass/fail assessments in as fast as 50 milliseconds. This rapid assessment capability ensures that production lines can maintain high throughput without compromising on safety or quality.

Advanced Safety Features

Equipped with a quick discharge feature, the Hioki PW3360 efficiently dissipates residual voltage, enhancing safety for both the device and the operator. This feature is particularly important in environments where multiple tests are conducted successively, such as in mass production settings.

Versatility and Precision in Testing

The PW3360 offers a freely configurable test voltage, allowing users to set voltages from 25 V to 1000 V with 1 V resolution. This flexibility ensures that the tester can be adapted to a wide range of standards and specifications required for various products and components.

Enhanced Reliability with Built-In Checks

The device includes a crucial contact check function, which prevents errors due to poor contact between the tester and the device under test. This feature helps to avoid false readings and ensures that only accurate data is recorded. Additionally, the short-circuit check function acts as a critical safeguard, stopping potential defects from reaching the market by identifying them early in the testing phase.

Ideal for High-Stakes Production Environments

The Hioki PW3360 is particularly well-suited for battery production lines, where the reliability and safety of each unit are paramount. The tester’s capabilities make it an ideal choice for ensuring that all battery units meet stringent safety criteria before they are shipped out.


  • Measurement items:Insulation resistance (Applied DC voltage method)
  • Testing voltage :25 V ≤ V < 100 V ,100 V ≤ V < 500 V ,500 V ≤ V ≤ 1000 V
  • Analog output: DC +4 V f.s.
  • Interface:RS-232C (standard)
  • Power supply:100 to 240 V AC
  • Dimensions and mass:215 mm (8.46 in)W × 80 mm (3.15 in)H × 166 mm (6.54 in)D, 1.1 kg (38.8 oz)
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Hioki is a renowned Japanese brand known for its expertise in developing and manufacturing electrical measuring instruments. The company, Hioki E.E. Corporation, was established in 1935, and since then, it has committed itself to providing innovative solutions in the field of electrical measurement.

Hioki's product range is extensive, including devices such as digital multimeters, clamp meters, power meters, and oscilloscopes. These instruments are vital for various applications in research and development, maintenance, and production testing across industries like electronics, energy, and automotive. One of the key strengths of Hioki is its focus on precision and reliability, traits that are crucial in measurement instruments. Hioki’s products are designed to offer accuracy and durability, which make them preferred choices among professionals worldwide.

Moreover, Hioki emphasizes technological innovation and quality. The company invests significantly in research and development to keep up with evolving technological trends and to ensure their products meet the highest standards. This commitment to quality is reflected in their adherence to international certifications and standards. Hioki also values environmental sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices in their operations and product designs. This includes efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes and to design products that are energy efficient.

DATA sheet

Data Sheet


Technical Specifications for Electrical Safety Tester

Measurement Items Insulation resistance (Applied DC voltage method)
Testing Voltage (Measurement Range) AUTO/MANUAL setting is possible
25 V ≤ V < 100 V (2.000/20.00/200.0 MΩ)
100 V ≤ V < 500 V (2.000/20.00/200.0/2000 MΩ)
500 V ≤ V ≤ 1000 V (2.000/20.00/200.0/4000 MΩ)
Basic Accuracy ±2 % rdg. ±5 dgt.
25 V ≤ V < 100 V [0 to 20 MΩ]
100 V ≤ V < 500 V [0 to 20 MΩ]
500 V ≤ V ≤ 1000 V [0 to 20 MΩ]
Measurement Speed Fast: 30 ms/time, Slow: 500 ms/time (selectable)
Display LCD (service life: 100,000 hours), 4-level backlight
Internal Memory Saved items include rated measurement voltage, comparator upper limit/lower limit values, test mode, beep sound to distinguish the result, test time, response time, resistance range, measurement speed
Memory capacity: up to 10 items (can be saved/loaded)
Comparator Setting UPPER_FAIL: Measured value ≥ upper limit value
PASS: Upper limit value > measured value > lower limit value
LOWER_FAIL: Measured value ≤ lower limit value
Judgement Process Beep sound, PASS / U.FAIL/L. FAIL: light up on LED display, When UL_FAIL, U.FAIL / L.FAIL light up simultaneously, EXT.I/O output, judgement result can be obtained via RS-232C
Test Duration Definition of test duration: Test duration = Response time + Measurement time
Function: Set the time from voltage application until pass/fail assessment
Configuration range: 0.045 s to 999.999 s (0.001 s resolution)
Response Time Timer After the start of the test, comparator judgment operation can be prohibited until a set interval from 0.005 sec. to 999.999 sec. (at 0.001 sec. resolution) has passed.
Analog Output DC +4 V f.s.
Interface RS-232C (standard), External I/O (External control input, Judgment result), BCD output (ST5520-01 only)
Power Supply 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 25 VA max.
Dimensions and Mass 215 mm (8.46 in) W × 80 mm (3.15 in) H × 166 mm (6.54 in) D, 1.1 kg (38.8 oz)
Included Accessories Instruction Manual ×1, Power cord ×1, EXT. I/O Connector ×1, Connector Cover ×1