Mitutoyo 160-103 Vernier Scale Caliper with Nib Style Jaws and Fine Adjustment

The Mitutoyo 160-103 Vernier scale caliper is the quintessential example of a precision measuring tool, and it is best suited for professionals who are looking for accuracy and dependability in their dimensional assessments. With its circular measuring faces, fine-tuning mechanism, 14-degree face angle, raised sliding surfaces, hardened stainless steel construction, and glare-free satin chrome finish, it offers unparalleled functionality and durability. This caliper offers precise readings and continues to be a vital instrument across a wide variety of sectors and applications. It is available in versions that use both the metric system and the metric/inch system.

  • 0-24″, 0.001″
  • Vernier
  • Inch/Metric
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Mitutoyo 160-103 Vernier Scale Caliper with Nib Style Jaws and Fine Adjustment

The Mitutoyo Vernier Scale Caliper is the Pinnacle of Precision Measuring Instruments for Providing Precise Evaluations of Dimensions. Mitutoyo 160-103 is a state-of-the-art measuring instrument that was painstakingly developed for accurate measurements of both the interior and exterior dimensions of a given object. Professionals in a variety of sectors who are looking for precision that is unparalleled often choose it as their go-to solution because of its sophisticated features and solid construction.

Nib Jaws Featuring Circular Measuring Faces In Addition To A Fine-Tuning Mechanism

The Mitutoyo 160-103 Vernier caliper’s nib jaws, which have circular measurement faces, are the instrument’s most important component. These rounded surfaces provide perfect contact with the thing being measured, avoiding any errors that may have been caused by the irregular forms of the measuring tool. The mechanism for fine-tuning allows for exact control over the slider, which ensures that measurement results are accurate to the last millimeter.

 A Face Angle of 14 Degrees, Which Allows for Easy Readings and Eliminates Parallax Errors

The Mitutoyo 160-103 Vernier caliper has a one-of-a-kind face angle that is 14 degrees, which significantly improves reading. This angle, which was created with careful consideration, also removes the possibility of parallax errors, which are mistakes that may occur in measurement readings when views are not aligned correctly. This caliper produces findings that are more trustworthy and constant as a consequence of its reduction in parallax.

Raised Sliding Surfaces for the Purpose of Protecting Graduation Markings

The graduation markers of the Mitutoyo 160-103 Vernier caliper are protected from wear and tear by having their scales cleverly elevated. This allows for smooth sliding while also preventing wear. Because of the careful planning that went into this component, it maintains its precision over time and keeps the marks on the caliper accurate for its entire useful life.

Fabricated using Hardy Stainless Steel That Is Resistant to Corrosion

The Mitutoyo 160-103 Vernier caliper is made from hardened stainless steel, which offers superior protection against corrosion. It is the product of painstaking craftsmanship. This sturdy design assures the caliper will last for a long time and makes it suited for use in a variety of demanding settings, including those with high humidity and elements that are corrosive.

The Satin Chrome Finish: An Approach That Eliminates Glare

The streamlined Mitutoyo 160-103 caliper’s finish is made of satin chrome, which not only lends an air of refined sophistication but also serves a functional purpose. This coating enhances visibility by reducing glare; as a result, users are able to read measures with the highest possible degree of clarity and precision, irrespective of the lighting circumstances.

Available in both metric and metric/inch models with dual scales

Vernier calipers from Mitutoyo are available in both metric and metric/inch formats, allowing the company to cater to a broad range of measuring standards throughout the globe. Users who regularly move between these measurement units will appreciate the seamless simplicity provided by the Metric/Inch models’ integrated dual reading scales on the vernier. These models are available in both metric and inch sizes.

Lock Screw to Ensure Proper Positioning of the Jaws

A trustworthy lock screw mechanism is included into the Mitutoyo 160-103 Vernier caliper. This facilitates the taking of accurate measurements. The sliding jaw is kept in its proper position by this lock screw, which eliminates the possibility of any unintentional movement occurring while measurements are being taken.

Designed to Meet the Strict Federal Accuracy Specifications GGG-C-111B

The Mitutoyo 160-103 Vernier caliper faithfully implements all of the Federal Accuracy Specifications GGG-C-111B into its design and operation. This stringent compliance guarantees the caliper’s adherence to high standards of accuracy and reliability, making it an ideal choice for critical applications that demand precise measurements.

Various Options for Holsters and Packaging That Offer Protection

The majority of Vernier caliper types are packaged with a sturdy vinyl holster that provides additional protection while the caliper is being transported and stored. In addition, they are packaged in properly constructed cartons, which makes the transportation of the goods risk-free and guarantees that they will remain undamaged. The larger models, such as the 300mm / 12″ and 450mm / 18″ versions, are exclusively supplied in fitted cartons, while the models exceeding 600mm / 24″ are packaged securely in sturdy wooden cases.

Mitutoyo 160-103 Vernier Scale Caliper with Nib Style Jaws and Fine Adjustment specifications:

  • Technology: Mechanical
  • Units: Metric/Inch
  • Range:0-24″
  • Minimum dimension in ID measurement: 0.504″
  • Accuracy: ±0.0020″
  • Weight: 1400g
  • Graduation Lower Scale: 0.001″
  • Graduation upper Scale: 0.02mm
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Regarding precision measuring instruments, Mitutoyo is a brand that stands out for its exceptional quality and reliability. In the UAE, professionals and industries rely on Mitutoyo calipers to obtain accurate measurements for various applications. In this article, we will explore Mitutoyo calipers' benefits, availability in the UAE, pricing, and how to contact Mitutoyo representatives in the region.

Mitutoyo Calipers: Delivering Precision Measurements:

Mitutoyo calipers are renowned for their precision and durability. These measuring instruments are designed to provide accurate measurements for dimensional inspection, quality control, and precise machining operations. Whether you're working in the manufacturing, engineering, or automotive industry, Mitutoyo calipers are trusted tools for obtaining reliable measurements.

Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper: A Timeless Classic:

One of the most popular calipers Mitutoyo offers is the Vernier Caliper. This classic design incorporates sliding and Vernier scales, allowing precise length measurements, inside and outside diameters, and depths. Mitutoyo Vernier Calipers are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring smooth operation and consistent accuracy.

Availability and Pricing in the UAE:

Mitutoyo calipers, including Vernier Calipers, are readily available in the UAE through authorized distributors and suppliers. These suppliers specialize in providing high-quality measuring instruments to industries across the country. They maintain a comprehensive inventory of Mitutoyo calipers and related products, ensuring easy access to the tools you need for your measuring requirements.

Regarding pricing, Mitutoyo calipers are competitively priced, considering their exceptional quality and accuracy. The cost may vary based on the calipers' specific model, features, and sizes. To get accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended to contact authorized Mitutoyo distributors or suppliers in the UAE.

Getting in Touch:

If you have inquiries or want to purchase, contacting the authorized Mitutoyo distributors or suppliers in the UAE is the best way to proceed. They have knowledgeable staff members who can guide selecting the right calipers for your needs. Additionally, they can assist you with pricing details, delivery options, and any other related queries.

To contact Mitutoyo representatives in the UAE, you can contact them through their contact number. The contact number is provided on the official Mitutoyo website and can be found easily with a quick online search. By contacting Mitutoyo directly, you can ensure that you receive accurate and reliable information about their calipers and other measuring instruments.