PCE DD D Durometer Shore D

A portable instrument called the PCE DD D Durometer Shore D is used to gauge the hardness of things including metals, polymers, and wood. It exerts stress on the material with a cone-shaped indenter and shows the substance’s hardness on a dial. The PCE DD D Durometer Shore D has a measuring range of 0 to 100 Shore D units and complies with ASTM D2240.

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PCE DD D Durometer Shore D

A tool for measuring the hardness of hard materials, including plastics, metals, wood, and more, is the PCE DD D Durometer Shore D. According to international standards DIN 53505, ISO 868, and ASTM D2240, it is intended to deliver straightforward and speedy results.

A cone-shaped indenter is used by the PCE DD D Durometer Shore D to exert pressure on the material’s surface and gauge its resistance.

The hardness value is then displayed by the equipment on a dial gauge in Shore D units. A drag marker on the gadget also shows the measurement’s peak hardness value. To provide reliable measurements, the gadget can be utilized with an optional test stand.

Operating and using the PCE DD D Durometer Shore D is simple. Its small size and light weight enable practical and portable measurements. Additionally, it includes a sturdy metal shell that guards the gadget from harm. A calibration certificate and carrying case are included with the gadget.

For a variety of sectors and applications, including plastic production, quality control, research and development, automotive, aerospace, and more, the PCE DD D Durometer Shore D is appropriate. It can aid in product quality testing, production process improvement, and ensuring client pleasure.

The PCE DD D Durometer Shore D is the ideal option for you if you’re searching for an analog, portable durometer that can quickly and easily test the hardness of hard materials. Get yours now and benefit from easy and quick hardness testing.

  •  For Shore D hardness testing
  •  Ideal for use with hard rubber, hard resin, acrylic, glass, thermoplastic, etc.
  •  Handheld, portable, digital measuring device
  •  Measurement range: 0 … 100 Shore D
  •  Accuracy: ± 2 Hardness – Grade
  •  Large, easy-to-read display
  •  Hold functionality

PCE DD D Durometer Shore D Specifications

  • Measurement range                                0 … 100 Shore D
  • Resolution                                                0.5 Hardness – Grade
  • Accuracy                                                   ± 2 Hardness – Grade
  • Depth of indentation                              0.0 … 2.5 mm / 0.0 … 0.01 in
  • Pressure force                                          5 kg / 11.02 lbs
  • Indenter                                                     30°
  • Dimensions                                             85 mm x 60 mm x 25 mm / 3.3 in x 2.36 in x 0.4 in
  • Power supply                                          1 x 1.5V (SR44)
  • Weight                                                     300 g / < 1 lb
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