Teledyne C06689-B1c oxygen sensor

The Teledyne C06689-B1c oxygen sensor is a micro-fuel cell sensor utilized for measuring the concentration of oxygen in gases.

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Teledyne oxygen sensor C06689-B1c

The Teledyne C06689-B1c oxygen sensor is a micro-fuel cell sensor utilized for measuring the concentration of oxygen in gases. Operating on the principle of a micro-fuel cell, this sensor reacts with oxygen, generating an electrical signal proportional to the oxygen concentration.

The B1 class designation indicates that this oxygen sensor adheres to specific performance and accuracy standards. These standards ensure the provision of precise and reliable measurements of oxygen levels across various applications. Additionally, this sensor is capable of detecting oxygen concentrations up to 90% within a response time of less than 7 seconds.

Oxygen sensors employing micro-fuel cell technology find extensive usage in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and environmental monitoring. These sensors play a vital role in monitoring and controlling oxygen levels to ensure optimal combustion, preserving air quality, and supporting the efficiency of oxygen-dependent processes.

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