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Uni-T ut107 Automotive Multimeters
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Uni-T UT12D-Row AC Voltage Detector

The Uni-T UT12D-Row is an AC voltage detector commonly used for detecting the presence of live electrical voltage in power lines, outlets, sockets, and other electrical systems.

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Uni-T UT12D-Row AC Voltage Detector

In order to maintain low-voltage equipment, such as conductors, cables, sockets, and other electrical/electronic instruments, the UT12D-Row non-contact AC voltage detector is frequently employed. Electricians will find it to be a handy tool.

A device called the Uni-T UT12D-Row is made to look for AC voltage. Without physical contact or connection, it is possible to detect active wires or circuits. The voltage detection range of the UT12D-Row typically varies from 90V to 1000V AC. This means it can detect a broad range of voltages commonly found in residential and commercial electrical systems.

The detector can measure voltage without having to make direct contact with a live wire or conductor because it is a non-contact voltage tester. To detect the existence of AC voltage, it makes use of an electromagnetic field.

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voltage detector unit

A non-contact voltage tester or detector is an electrical tester that helps to detect the presence of voltage. Voltage presence is useful information to have when troubleshooting or working on a failed asset.
Live AC/DC voltage can be rapidly found with non-contact voltage detectors. Electricians may rapidly and safely inspect the condition of electrical lines with the help of these useful tools.
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The Uni-T UT15C is a related product to the Uni-T UT12D, both of which are voltage detectors produced by Uni-T. These voltage detectors are designed to provide a safe and convenient way to detect the presence of AC voltage in electrical circuits.

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Uni-T UT12D-Row AC Voltage Detector Features

  • Auto power of
  • LED indication
  • Buzzer
  • High/Low voltage mode
  • IP67
  • Vibration mode

Uni-T UT12D-Row Specifications

Specifications UT12D-ROW
AC voltage (Low) 24V~1000V
AC voltage (High) 90V~1000V
Frequency range 50/60Hz
Built-in flashlight
※Audible (buzzer) and visual (LED) indication
LED indication
Auto power off
Low voltage indication
Drop test 1m
General specification
Power 1.5V battery (R03) x 2
Product net weight 50g
Product size 150mm x 18 mm x 23mm
Product Color Red and grey
Standard accessories Batteries


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