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Review of the Gazelle G9505 and the Ridgid Micro LM-400 as Laser Measuring Instruments

Review of the Gazelle G9505 and the Ridgid Micro LM-400 as Laser Measuring Instruments

Review of the Gazelle G9505 and the Ridgid Micro LM-400 as Laser Measuring Instruments

Are you trying to find a tool for laser measuring that will assist you in your activities and projects? A laser measuring tool can make your work simpler and faster, regardless of whether you are a professional or an avid do-it-yourself. But how can you pick the best option for you when there are so many on the market?

The Advanced Laser Distance Meter Ridgid Micro LM-400 and the Gazelle G9505 CROSSLINE GREEN LASER LEVEL, 10M from the website will be contrasted in this article.

These are two distinct categories of laser measurement devices, each with unique features and advantages. We’ll go through their key traits and assist you in selecting the one that best fits your requirements and tastes.

But first, let’s define and examine the functions of a laser level and a laser distance meter before moving on to the comparison.

The Gazelle G9505 CROSSLINE GREEN LASER LEVEL, 10M and the Advanced Laser Distance Meter Ridgid Micro LM-400 are two goods from the website that you might be interested in comparing if you’re seeking for a dependable and accurate laser measuring tool.

You can use these two different kinds of laser measuring equipment for a variety of tasks and projects. We’ll go over some of the key characteristics and distinctions between them in this article to assist you choose which one best meets your needs.

A laser level is what?

A laser level is a tool used for leveling and aligning that projects one or more laser beams to provide a reference line or plane. Construction, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, gardening, and other professions that need for exact measurements and alignments frequently employ laser levels. Depending on the model and the purpose, laser levels can project horizontal, vertical, or cross lines.

Gazelle G9505 Crossline Green Laser Level, 10M


A laser distance meter: what is it?

A laser distance meter is a tool for measuring distances by projecting a laser beam and timing how long it takes for the beam to return from the target.

In sectors that call for precise measurements of distances, areas, volumes, angles, etc.

such as surveying, engineering, architecture, real estate, and interior design, laser distance meters are frequently employed.

Laser distance meters have a high degree of accuracy and speed when measuring distances up to several hundred meters.

What qualities does the Gazelle G9505 CROSSLINE GREEN LASER LEVEL, 10M possess?

The Gazelle G9505 is a laser level that may be used for a variety of leveling and alignment tasks up to a distance of 10 meters. It projects two green lines—one horizontal and one vertical. It contains a self-leveling feature that, in three seconds, automatically moves the lines to the ideal position.

Additionally, it has an outdoor pulse mode that improves the green laser’s visibility under bright lighting. For quick and simple assembly, it includes a magnetic mounting system that fastens to metal surfaces. Two 1.5V batteries give it a 4 hour operating period. Its lightweight and small design make it simple to use and store.

The Gazelle G9505 has the following qualities and advantages, among others:

Green laser:

The green laser of the Gazelle G9505 is brighter and more noticeable than the traditional red laser. This indicates that the lines are clearly visible even in bright or outdoor settings. Additionally, you can modify the laser’s brightness to suit your requirements. The green laser is also less harmful to your eyes and more energy-efficient than the red laser.

The smart pendulum mechanism on the Gazelle G9505 self-levels and signals when it is out of level.

This eliminates the need for you to manually set up the gadget or check to see if it is level. When the lines are in their ideal position, the device will automatically correct them and notify you if they are skewed or shifted. You will save time and ensure accuracy and precision by doing this.

The Gazelle G9505 offers an outdoor pulse mode that improves the green laser’s visibility under bright lighting. With a laser detector (not included), you can use the gadget in this mode to increase the working range to 50 meters. The brightness of the laser is decreased in this mode, which also aids in battery conservation.

Magnetic mounting device:

For quick and simple setup, the Gazelle G9505 comes with a magnetic mounting device that adheres to metal plates. With the provided adapter, you may also use the gadget on a tripod or any other flat surface. This increases your options and flexibility for positioning the gadget in accordance with your requirements and preferences.

Gazelle G9505 Laser Levels 2 149A99A9B3Working time:

Using two 1.5V batteries (included), the Gazelle G9505 can operate for 4 hours. To save money and cut down on waste, you can also use rechargeable batteries (not included). When the power is about to run out, the device’s low battery indicator will let you know.

Compact and lightweight construction:

The Gazelle G9505, which is simple to use and store, has a compact and lightweight construction. Its dimensions are 85.5 x 62 x 90.3 mm and it only weighs 240 grams. Its rubber-coated housing shields it from splashes of water and dirt.

Additionally, it incorporates a pendulum lock to keep the pendulum safe while in use and storage.
What characteristics and advantages does the Ridgid Micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter offer?

With an accuracy of 1.5 mm, the Ridgid Micro LM-400 laser distance meter calculates distances up to 70 meters. It offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to use the Ridgid Sketch app to transfer measurements to your smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, it features a built-in camera that enables you to record video of your measurement locations and annotate them. It has a colour display with a mode switcher and a colour display that gives measurements in real time.

It includes a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can operate continuously for up to 8 hours. It is strong and comfortable to hold because to its tough and ergonomic design.

The following are some characteristics and advantages of the Ridgid Micro LM-400:

Bluetooth compatibility: You may transfer measurements to your smartphone or tablet using the Bluetooth connectivity of the Ridgid Micro LM-400.

Micro Lm-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter

micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter

the app Ridgid Sketch. You may use your measurements to make sketches and floor plans with the free Ridgid Sketch app.

Your sketches can also include images, notes, and annotations, and you can send them to others via social media or email.

You can use the program to use your measurements to determine areas, volumes, angles, and other metrics.

The program can store up to 20 measurements at once and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


The built-in camera on the Ridgid Micro LM-400 allows you to take photos of your measurement spots and store them on your device. To make the images more illuminating and helpful, you may also add notes and annotations to them. Following that, you can send the images to your coworkers or clients by email or social media. By doing so, you can better interact with others and document your efforts.

Color display:

The Ridgid Micro LM-400 has a color display that allows you to choose between different units and modes while also showing measurements in real time. You can choose from distance, area, volume, angle, continuous, indirect, stake out, meters, feet, inches, fractions, etc. The battery level, Bluetooth status, camera mode, and other information are also visible on the display. This increases your measuring versatility and convenience.

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery:

The Ridgid Micro LM-400’s lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous use. You won’t have to be concerned about buying new batteries or losing power in the middle of a project.

The device can also be charged using a USB cable or converter. This makes it more economical and environmentally beneficial.

Design that is both robust and comfortable to hold: The Ridgid Micro LM-400 boasts a design that is both durable and comfortable. It is shielded from drops and impacts by a rubber overmold.

Additionally, it boasts a soft grip that enhances control and lessens hand strain. You can use the smartphone with one hand because to its big, user-friendly keypad.
How do I decide between the Ridgid Micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter and the Gazelle G9505 CROSSLINE GREEN LASER LEVEL, 10M?

As you can see, the functions and characteristics of these two goods vary. For leveling and aligning jobs like installing cabinets, tiles, windows, doors, etc., the Gazelle G9505 is perfect.

For tasks like estimating materials, designing layouts, inspecting structures, etc., the Ridgid Micro LM-400 is the best tool for measuring distances, areas, volumes, angles, etc.

You can select the option that best suits you based on your needs and preferences. Before selecting a choice, you might wish to take into account the following:

Budget: The Ridgid Micro LM-400 is more expensive than the Gazelle G9505. The Gazelle G9505 can be the best option if you have a limited budget or merely require a basic laser level for straightforward jobs.

However, you might wish to choose the Ridgid Micro LM-400 if you are prepared to spend more money or if you require a more sophisticated laser distance meter for challenging tasks.


The Gazelle G9505 is outperformed by the Ridgid Micro LM-400. The Gazelle G9505 has a 3 mm per 10-meter accuracy compared to the Ridgid Micro LM-400’s 1.5 mm.

You might wish to choose the Ridgid Micro LM-400 if your measurements or alignments require a high degree of accuracy and precision. However, if your jobs or projects don’t require a lot of accuracy or precision, you could choose to use the Gazelle G9505.


The Gazelle G9505’s range is shorter than the Ridgid Micro LM-400’s. The Gazelle G9505 can project lines up to 10 meters (or 50 meters with a laser detector) whereas the Ridgid Micro LM-400 can measure distances up to 70 meters.

Choose the Ridgid Micro LM-400 if you need to measure lengthy distances, work in large areas, or work outside. The Gazelle G9505, on the other hand, might be a better option if you simply need to operate indoors, in confined locations, or over short distances.


The Gazelle G9505 lacks some of the features that the Ridgid Micro LM-400 possesses. The Gazelle G9505 offers green laser, self-leveling, outdoor pulse mode, magnetic mounting device, etc., but the Ridgid Micro LM-400 has Bluetooth connectivity, camera, color display, rechargeable battery, etc.

Consider the Ridgid Micro LM-400 if you require a laser measuring instrument with more features and capabilities. However, if you only require the laser level’s basic features and capabilities, you might wish to choose the Gazelle G9505.


The Gazelle G9505 and the Ridgid Micro LM-400 have diverse designs that may appeal to various consumers. The ergonomic and tough design of the Ridgid Micro LM-400 makes it strong and cozy to hold.

The Gazelle G9505 is simple to use and store because to its lightweight and compact design. Choose the Ridgid Micro LM-400 if you want a reliable and practical tool. The Gazelle G9505 may be a good choice if you desire a straightforward and portable gadget.



You can use the Advanced Laser Distance Meter Ridgid Micro LM-400 and the Gazelle G9505 CROSSLINE GREEN LASER LEVEL, 10M, two different kinds of laser measuring equipment, for a variety of jobs and projects.

They are ideal for a variety of purposes and preferences due to their various features and advantages. You can pick the one that works best for you based on your preferences in terms of price, accuracy, scope, functionality, and design requirements.

Visit the website: and look up the titles of the products if you want to find out more about them or purchase them online. On the same page, you can also locate additional laser measuring devices from various manufacturers and types. Enjoy your shopping!

Visit the website: to view their extensive selection of laser measuring tools if you’re interested in purchasing one of these items or want to see additional possibilities. You can also navigate straight to the product pages by clicking on the links below: Gazelle G950


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