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Which Multimeter Between 2 EXTECH Picks Is Best for You?

EXTECH EX355 and EX120 multimeters

Which Multimeter Between 2 EXTECH Picks Is Best for You?

Do your electrical projects require a high-quality multimeter? Would you like to know which device—the EXTECH EX355 or the EXTECH MA120—is superior?

The EXTECH EX355 or The EXTECH MA120:

In that case, you’ve found the right location. We will contrast these two well-liked models from the same manufacturer in this post to assist you in selecting the one that is perfect for you.

For measuring several electrical properties including voltage, current, resistance, and frequency, multimeters are a crucial tool.

You can use them to conduct computations, test components, confirm connections, and diagnose issues.

But not all multimeters are created equal. They are more or less suited to certain applications based on their various characteristics and functionalities.

A few distinctions between the EXTECH EX355 and the EXTECH MA120 are two instances of multimeters that may influence your decision.

Compared to the EXTECH MA120, the EXTECH EX355 is a 12-function True RMS multimeter with more advanced capabilities that can measure more parameters.

The EXTECH MA120 is a 200A AC/DC small clamp metre with a special function that the EXTECH EX355 lacks: it can measure current without interrupting the circuit.

In this post, we’ll evaluate the features, capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages of these two multimeters. We’ll also tell you a few things to think about before purchasing one of them.

You will know for sure which multimeter is best for you and your needs by the time this article is over.

Extech Ex355 12 Function True Rms Multimeter Ncv 1 3

The EXTECH EX355 and the EXTECH MA120 are two options to consider if you’re looking for a high-quality multimeter for your electrical projects.

These are two well-known models from the same company, but they differ in a few ways that could influence your decision.

We shall contrast these two multimeters in this article to assist you in selecting the right one for your needs.

The EXTECH EX355 is a 12-function True RMS multimeter that measures resistance, frequency, capacitance, temperature, diode, and continuity in addition to AC/DC voltage and current.

Additionally, compared to other multimeters, it has a few cutting-edge features that increase its accuracy and dependability.

The low impedance (LoZ) mode is one of these options. Ghost voltages, which are stray voltages that might arise on wires or circuits that are not energised, generate erroneous readings that are eliminated by this mode.

These voltages may result from capacitive coupling from long wires or cables, induction from neighbouring wires or devices, or both.

They might tamper with your measurements and provide erroneous findings. The LoZ mode lowers the multimeter’s input impedance to under 3k, preventing ghost voltages from interfering with your results.

The low pass filter (LPF) is an additional functionality. For precise readings of variable frequency driving signals, this function dampens high frequencies to reduce noise.

By altering the frequency of the AC power supply, variable frequency drive signals are used to regulate the speed of motors or pumps.

High frequency components of these signals may cause measurement distortion and erroneous results. You may measure the true RMS value of the signa by filtering out these high frequencies using the LPF.

Additionally, the EXTECH EX355 includes a non-contact voltage detector (NCV) that can be used to quickly check for AC voltage before testing. This function can warn you of live wires or circuits, preventing electric shocks or metre damage.

The NCV detector detects AC voltage from 100 to 600V without making contact and alerts the user to its presence via an audible beep and a red LED indication.

The EXTECH EX355 boasts a sizable, legible display that provides several values simultaneously, including temperature, AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, frequency, and frequency.

Additionally, it has a backlight feature that makes it simple to read in dimly lit areas. The EXTECH EX355 can catch transient signals like spikes or surges because to its quick response time and 1ms peak hold function.

Additionally, it has a relative mode that enables you to compare measurements to a standard value or zero point.

Using the supplied bead wire probe2, the EXTECH EX355’s temperature function can measure temperatures ranging from -40 to 1832°F (-40 to 1000°C). Additionally, it has a diode test feature that can gauge up to 3.2V2.

Professionals that require a dependable and adaptable multimeter for a variety of electrical jobs should choose the EXTECH EX355. Compared to other multimeters, it has more advanced functions and can test a wider range of parameters.

In comparison to other multimeters, it also has a high resolution and accuracy.

A 200A AC/DC small clamp metre, the EXTECH MA120, can measure AC/DC current up to 200A without interrupting the circuit.

This can save you time and hassle because it eliminates the need to cut the wires or access the fuse box in order to monitor current. Additionally, it has a built-in voltage detector (NCV) that can detect live wires and circuits by detecting AC voltage from 100 to 600V without making contact.

The ergonomic and small design of the EXTECH MA120 makes it easy to hold and store in your hand or pocket. Additionally, a carrying case that guards against damage and dust is included4. The EXTECH MA120 includes an easy-to-use UI that is straightforward and intuitive.

Additionally, it has a continuous audible indicator that beeps when the resistance falls below 404. The EXTECH MA120 can measure AC/DC current with a high resolution of 0.1A4.

Additionally, it has a max hold feature that records the highest reading obtained throughout a measurement cycle.

Users who require a straightforward and portable clamp metre for measuring current in AC or DC circuits should choose the EXTECH MA120. It is more practical and secure than other multimeters since it can measure current without interrupting the circuit.

Additionally, it has a voltage detector to guard against electric shocks and metre damage.

Both multimeters have double-molded housing for a better grip and one-handed operation, and they are both lightweight and robust.

Additionally, they have CE approvals and CAT III 600V safety ratings, demonstrating that they meet the requirements for electrical safety and quality.

However, they have some differences that, depending on your needs, may influence your choice.

The EXTECH EX355 is better suited for a wider range of applications because it has more features than the EXTECH MA120.

It has more sophisticated functions, like True RMS, LoZ, and LPF, and it can monitor more parameters.

Despite having fewer features than the EXTECH EX355, the EXTECH MA120 has one special capability that the EXTECH EX355 does not: it can measure current without interrupting the circuit.

You can select the one that best suits you based on your choices and needs.

Before making a purchase, you might want to think about the following:

Despite costing more than the EXTECH MA120, the EXTECH EX355 has more features and functions. The EXTECH EX355 multimeter can be a good choice if you require one that is capable of more than just measuring current.

However, you might want to save some money and choose the EXTECH MA120 if you only need a clamp metre to measure current.

Extech Ma120
Size and weight:

The EXTECH MA120 is more portable and convenient to carry along than the EXTECH EX355.

The EXTECH MA120 might be a better option if you require a multimeter that can fit in your pocket or toolbox.

The EXTECH EX355 might be more cosy and solid to use, though, provided you don’t mind a little bigger and heavier multimeter.

Display and backlight: Compared to the EXTECH MA120, the EXTECH EX355 has a bigger, clearer display that makes it simpler to view many readings at once.

Additionally, it has a backlight feature for visibility in dimly lit areas. The EXTECH EX355 multimeter can suit your needs if you want one that can display more data and function in dim lighting.

However, if you don’t require a lot of details and work in well-lit environments, the EXTECH MA120 might work for you.

Battery life: The EXTECH MA120 is more dependable and practical to use because its battery lasts longer than that of the EXTECH EX355.

It runs on two AAA batteries, each of which has a 150-hour continuous runtime.

Two AA batteries, which together can operate the EXTECH EX355 for up to 100 hours, are used. The EXTECH MA120 can be your best option if you require a multimeter that can operate for longer periods of time between battery changes.

The EXTECH EX355 might not bother you, though, if you don’t use your multimeter frequently or keep additional batteries close at hand.

These are a few things to think about before purchasing either the EXTECH EX355 or the EXTECH MA120. Of course, there are other factors, such user feedback, the warranty, availability, and personal preference, that could affect your choice.

On their official websites or online shops, you may read more details about these multimeters. Additionally, you can read articles or watch videos that explain how they function and contrast them with other models.

In order to make an informed choice, we hope this article has helped you better grasp the distinctions between the EXTECH EX355 and the EXTECH MA120.

Despite the fact that both multimeters are high-quality goods from respected brands, keep in mind that they each offer unique features and functions that may be more or less suitable for particular demands and tastes. Enjoy your electrical projects by selecting the one that fulfils your requirements.

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