The CEMB VIBRATION TRANSDUCER TYPE T1-40 is a highly capable device designed to measure the absolute vibration of any rotating machine support.

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The T1-40 transducer is a highly capable device designed to measure the absolute vibration of any rotating machine support. It properly detects vibration speed and outputs a voltage that is directly compatible with signal-processing devices such as TR-V, TRAL-V, TM1, and TDSP.

The T1-40 transducer employs an electrodynamic design consisting of a suspended plate coil immersed in a magnetic field created by a permanent magnet.This arrangement ensures accurate vibration speed measurement. The transducer is securely attached to the location of interest, allowing it to create a signal proportionate to the observed vibration speed.

This adaptable transducer is frequently used to monitor pumps, fans, motors, and compressors. It is a useful instrument for evaluating the health and performance of these rotating machinery. The T1-40 transducer is offered in two materials: aluminium and stainless steel, providing versatility to meet a variety of application needs.

Finally, the T1-40 transducer provides a dependable and precise solution for monitoring absolute vibration in rotating machine supports. Its electrodynamic design, interoperability with signal processing devices, and availability in a variety of materials make it an excellent choice for monitoring a wide range of equipment, including pumps, fans, motors, and compressors.

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  • Sensitivity: 21.2 mV/mm/s
  • Composition: body in anodised aluminium or AISI 316L stainless steel
  • External connections: 5 or 7 pin MIL standard connector
  • Operating temperature range:  40° C – 100°C
    40° C – 170°C HT
  • Type of measurement: seismic (absolute vibration)
  • Measurement direction: omnidirectional
  • Measurement range: ± 1 mm
  • Dynamic range: 10÷1000 Hz fig. 1
  • Resonance frequency: 12 Hz
  • Transverse sensitivity: < 7%
  • Output impedance: 1K Ω a 25°C
  • Retaining screw: M8 X 1,25
  • Weight: 300 gr
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