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Extech RH390 Precision Psychrometer

Extech RH390 Precision Psychrometer:

Two temperature and humidity sensors are installed independently in the precision psychrometer and concurrently detect temperature and humidity. The user may simply and precisely measure relative humidity and ambient temperature with the aid of this instrument, which delivers very accurate information on relative humidity and ambient air temperature.

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Extech RH390 Precision Psychrometer

An electronic tool called a precision psychrometer is used to precisely gauge the relative humidity and temperature of the atmosphere. Two temperature and humidity sensors, a power source, and an electrical module are all parts of this gadget.

product overview

The Extech RH390 Precision Psychrometer measures temperature and humidity at the same time. Wet bulb and humidity, dew point and humidity, temperature, and humidity, or any combination of the three, can be displayed alternately on a dual-illuminated readout. This portable gadget monitors the complete range of relative humidity with 2% accuracy between 20 and 90% RH and detects temperatures from -22 degrees to 199 degrees F (-30 degrees to 100 degrees C). Includes carrying bag and 9V battery included.


The precision psychrometer is used as an accurate and reliable instrument to measure the relative humidity and temperature of the air environment in many industries such as air conditioning facilities, agriculture, medicine, laboratory, and other industries. These devices help users to accurately measure the relative humidity and temperature of the environment and based on this information make appropriate decisions for controlling and managing the appropriate humidity and temperature in air conditioning systems, food warehouses, cold rooms, operating rooms, and laboratories.

Extech RH390 Precision Psychrometer features

  • Certifications: CE
  • Dimensions: 7.8 × 1.7 × 1.3″ (200 × 45 × 33mm)
  • Power: 1 × 9V battery
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight: 7oz (200g)

Extech RH390 Precision Psychrometer specifications

  • Dew Point:-22 to 199 °F (-30 to 100 °C)
  • Dew Point Max Resolution:0.1°
  • Relative Humidity:0 to 100%
  • Relative Humidity Basic Accuracy:±2%
  • Relative Humidity Max Resolution:0.10%
  • Temperature (Air):-22 to 199 °F (-30 to 100 °C)
  • Temperature (Air) Basic Accuracy:±1.8 °F/1 °C
  • Temperature (Air) Max Resolution:0.1 °F/ °C
  • Wet Bulb:32 to 176 °F (0 to 80 °C)
  • Wet Bulb Max Resolution:0.1°
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