EXTECH RPM33Combination Contact,Laser Photo Tachometer

EXTECH RPM33Combination Contact,Laser Photo Tachometer Key Features :

  • Large 5 digit backlit LCD display
  • Microprocessor based with quartz crystal oscillator to maintain high accuracy
  • Store/recall 10 data sets in memory with 4 parameters (measurement, max, min and average)
  • Wide RPM (photo and contact) and Linear Surface Speed/Length (contact) measurements
  • Laser guided for greater distance non-contact measurements up to 1.6ft (500mm)
  • Complete with contact wheel for rpm or linear surface speed/length, 9V battery, reflective tape and soft case

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EXTECH RPM33Combination Contact,Laser Photo Tachometer

For further adaptability, the RPM33 offers both touch (2 to 19,999 rpm) and non-contact (2 to 99,999 rpm) RPM measurements. Non-contact RPM readings recorded from up to 1.6 feet (500mm) distant for additional safety. The huge five-digit backlit LCD displays the readings. Save/recall 10 data sets with four parameters (measurement, maximum, minimum, and average) in memory. Contact wheel for measuring linear surface speed (0.2 to 6560 feet/minute; 0 to 1999.9 meters/minute) or RPM, 9-volt battery, reflective tape, carrying bag, and user manual included.

laser photo contact tachometer

How do you use a laser photo tachometer?

To use the optical/photographic tachometer, a reflective target must be placed on the rotating surface to be measured. Usually this target is a small piece of reflective tape or a blob of reflective paint. Various pieces of tape can be attached to the shaft to aid in measuring slower speeds.
To use the laser tachometer Attach the reflective tape to any rotating object, aim the red tachometer light beam at the mark on the tape and within seconds you can read the RPM. It is widely used to measure the speed of motors, small engines, model airplanes, fans and blowers.

Extech Rpm33Combination

Contact,Laser Photo Tachometer

Are laser tachometers accurate?

This portable tachometer is highly accurate and non-contact. With high-speed laser aiming operation and instant readings from 2 to 99,999 RPM, this gives you accurate RPM readings at a distance.

What does a laser tachometer do?

Laser tachometers have a laser at the end of the device that can be aimed at a rotating object to measure RPM via a direct reading function. They are a type of non-contact speedometer and are ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas such as: tight spaces or when working with industrial machinery.
Every time a shaft rotates and the laser hits the reflector, the light bounces back to a sensor in the tachometer. The tachometer counts each time this occurs. The meter calculates the number of activations of the sensor during a given time and processes the result in revolutions per minute.

EXTECH RPM33 manual

EXTECH RPM33 multimeter manual and datasheet, It won’t matter much to those who know how to use a Tachometer, but new users can have a hard time. However, most of it is self-explanatory and you also have the online manual to refer to if you get stuck.

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EXTECH RPM33Combination Contact,Laser Photo Tachometer Specifications:

  • Range (rpm):2 to 99,999rpm,2 to 20,000rpm
  • Surface Speed:0 to 78,720 inches/min,0 to 6560 ft/min,0 to 2186 yards/min,0 to 2000 m/min
  • Length:3.9 to 39370 inches,0.3 to 3280 feet,0.1 to 1093 yards,0.1 to 1000 meters
  • Frequency (Hz): 333 Hz
  • Accuracy:0.05% rdg +1 digit,0.05% rdg +1 digit
  • Sampling Time:0.5 Sec > 120rpm
  • Resolution:0.1rpm ( < 10,000 rpm); 1rpm (> 10,000 rpm)
  • Dimensions / Weight :6.2 x 2.3 x 1.6″(160 x 60 x 42 mm) / 5.3oz (151g)
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Laser Photo Tachometer Specifications

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