Fluke 1736/INTL Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers

Fluke 1736 INTL Includes:

  • Fluke 1736 instrument
  • Voltage test leads set
  • Alligator clips (4x)
  • 12 in 1,500A flexible, current probe (4x)
  • Soft case
  • Energy Analyze Plus software
  • Line cords
  • Color coding set
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Fluke 1736/INTL Power Logger

The Fluke 1736/INTL Power Logger is a versatile tool designed for conducting energy studies and basic power quality logging. It automatically captures and logs over 500 power quality parameters, providing detailed insights into your energy consumption and quality, thus aiding in optimizing system reliability and savings. This international version of the Fluke 1736 is compatible with the Fluke Connect® mobile app and desktop software, enabling real-time data access and decision-making. It’s particularly praised for its user-friendly interface, flexible current probes, and intelligent verification function which simplifies setup and reduces measurement errors by digitally correcting common connection issues.

This model is noted for its comprehensive logging capabilities, with the ability to store more than 20 separate logging sessions. All measured values are automatically logged, ensuring that you never miss important measurement trends. These can even be reviewed during logging sessions and before downloading for real-time analysis. Among its key features are the bright, color touch-screen display for in-field analysis, the capability to measure all three phases and neutral with included flexible current probes, and the inclusion of event waveform snapshots and high-resolution RMS profiles for detailed insights into power quality issues like dips, swells, and inrush currents.

For detailed analysis and reporting, the Fluke 1736/INTL comes with the Energy Analyze Plus application software, which enables the creation of automated reports detailing every aspect of energy consumption and power quality health. The device’s highest safety rating in the industry (600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III) makes it suitable for use at service entrances and downstream, ensuring safety and reliability in diverse environments.

Fluke 1736 INTL specifications:

  • Voltage range:100 V to 500 V using safety plug input when powering from the measurement circuit
  • Power consumption: Maximum 50 VA (max. 15 VA when powered using IEC 60320 input)
  • Efficiency:≥ 68.2% (in accordance with energy efficiency regulations)
  • Maximum no-load consumption:< 0.3 W only when powered using IEC 60320 input
  • Battery: Li-ion 3.7 V, 9.25 Wh, customer-replaceable
  • On-battery runtime: Four hours in standard operating mode, up to 5.5 hours in power-saving mode
  • Resolution:16-bit synchronous sampling
  • Sampling frequency:10.24 kHz at 50/60 Hz, synchronized to mains frequency
  • Input signal frequency:50/60 Hz (42.5 to 69 Hz)
  • Circuit types:1-φ, 1-φ IT, Split phase, 3-φ delta, 3-φ wye, 3-φ wye IT, 3-φ wye balanced, 3-φ Aron/Blondel (2-element delta), 3-φ delta open leg, Currents only (load studies)
  • Data storage: Internal flash memory (not user replaceable)
  • Memory size: Typical 10 logging sessions of 8 weeks with 1-minute intervals and 500 events
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  1. Ruth

    I Saved a lot and Get what quality I’m looking for. Great assist for my Tech Team. Glad I bought it.

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