Fluke 287 Combo Kit: an Epic kit with ir3000 FC Connector

Maximize productivity with the combined Fluke 287 FlukeView Forms Combo Kit. With built-in data logger and TrendCapture capability, the 287 helps you track down elusive, intermittent problems, monitoring equipment with any of its functions while you do other jobs.

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Fluke 287 Combo Kit: an Epic kit with ir3000 FC Connector

Maximize productivity with Fluke 287 Combo Kit and FlukeView® Forms Combo Kit. With a built-in data logger and trend capture capability, the 287 helps you track down sporadic and elusive problems and monitor devices with all their capabilities while you do other tasks.

FlukeView Forms software

With FlukeView Forms software, you can overlay your recorded data from six gauges or six time periods to find cause-and-effect relationships or for condition monitoring. Convert your data into meaningful graphics and tables for a professional report or analyze individual measured values ​​or series of measurements.

fluke 287 combo kit compatibility

The 287 is compatible with the Fluke ir3000 FC infrared port, so you can share live measurements on your iOS or Android smart device using the Fluke Connect mobile app. The 287/FFV combo kit, now including the ir3000 FC connector, offers you a convenient and cost-effective approach to predictive maintenance.

frequently asked questions

what is the difference between fluke 287 and 289?

Features and measurements

Fluke 287

Fluke 289

Low pass filter No Help to eliminate high-frequency interference
Low impedance AC Volts function No Yes
Measuring low ohms No Can measure resistances less than 50 ohms
Motor Drive (ASD) Measurements No Yes
Battery Type AA AA
Storage Hard Drive Internal Memory
Interfaces I/O Analog Output, Analog Input IR
Decibels No Yes
Height 2.38 in 4.53 in
Length 4.03 in 1.08 in

what are the fluke 287 accessories?

one of the fluke combo kit accessories is Fluke ir3000 FC Connector. The Fluke Connect ir3000 FC connector allows you to wirelessly transfer data from your existing Fluke tools to your smartphone.

Fluke 287 Combo Kit Specifications

  • Maximum voltage between any terminal and earth ground:1000 V
  • Battery type:6 AA alkaline batteries, NEDA 15A IECLR6
  • Battery life:100 hours minimum, 200 hours in logging mode
  • Temperature:Operating: -20 °C to 55 °C; Storage: -40 °C to 60 °C
  • Relative humidity:0 to 90 % (0 t 37 °C), 0 to 65 % (37 °C to 45 °C), 0 to 45 % (45 °C to 55 °C)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility: EMC EN61326-1
  • Vibration: Random vibration per MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2
  • Shock:1 meter drop per IEC/EN 61010-1 3rd Edition
  • Size (HxWxL):22.2 cm x 10.2 cm x 6 cm (8.75 in x 4.03 in x 2.38 in)
  • Weight:870.9 g (28 oz)
  • True-RMS AC bandwidth:100 kHz
  • DC mV resolution:1 μV
  • Battery/fuse access: Yes/Yes
  • Logging memory: Up to 10,000 readings
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1 review for Fluke 287 Combo Kit: an Epic kit with ir3000 FC Connector

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    Working as an engineer in the semiconductor industry I fully understand the importance of quality equipment.

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