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Fluke 434 II and 435 II Power Quality and Energy Analyzers

Fluke 434 II and 435-II Power Quality and Energy Analyzers are designed to help you minimize downtime, quickly troubleshoot power quality issues and easily discover the costs of wasted energy.

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Fluke 434-II and 435-II Power Quality and Energy Analyzers

The Fluke 434 II Energy Analyzer and fluke 435 II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer are designed to help you minimize downtime, quickly troubleshoot power quality issues, and easily discover the costs of wasted energy.

Downtime is expensive and getting the data you need to solve to critical power quality problems quickly is key. The fluke 435 series ii and 435-II Analyzer’s measurement process and data output have been optimized to help you access the most critical information easily.

Multiple parameters are measured simultaneously and displayed in formats that quickly describe overall power quality health. The detailed information helps you make better maintenance decisions—whether you’re trying to reduce energy waste, find the source of power quality issues or see how motor startups are affecting your electrical system.

Advantages of Fluke 434 and 435

Data can be accessed as simple digital values, trend graphs (for fast insight into changes over time), waveforms, or phasor diagrams. The data can also be analyzed and organized into tabular formats. Detailed event data allows you to see the magnitude, duration, and time stamping of anomalies enabling you to rapidly correlate the problems you are experiencing in your facility.

The brand-new Fluke 434, 435, and 437 Series II models aid in identifying, anticipating, avoiding, and resolving issues with power quality in three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems. Furthermore, the Fluke-patented Unified Power Measurement energy loss algorithm measures and quantifies energy losses caused by harmonics and unbalanced problems, enabling the user to identify the source of energy waste within a system.

The Fluke 434-II and fluke 435 ii Power Quality and Energy Analyzers, in conclusion, are effective tools that deliver precise measurements and thorough analyses of power quality metrics and energy usage. To get more information about fluke 435 series ii energy & power analyzer please contact us mme. also if you are looking for similar product visit Fluke 437 .

Benefits of using Fluke 434-II
  • Measurements of power quality parameters like voltage, current, power, energy, and harmonics are accurate thanks to Fluke’s 434-II and 435-II Power Quality and Energy Analyzers. This precision aids in quick and accurate diagnosis and repair of power quality issues, minimizing downtime and maintenance expenses.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: These analyzers are capable of a wide range of measurements and analyses, including load studies, power factor calculations, and energy consumption calculations. This thorough examination aids in locating energy waste, maximizing energy efficiency, and lowering energy expenditures.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The analyzers include an interface that is user-friendly and makes it simple to navigate and configure measurements. Real-time information is available on the huge color display, which also makes data analysis simple.

Wireless Connectivity: A computer or mobile device can be wirelessly connected to the analyzer


Q: What is the difference between the Fluke 434-II and 435-II Power Quality and Energy Analyzers?

A: The main difference between these two analyzers is that the Fluke 435-II has a higher measurement range and additional features such as waveform capture and transient detection.

Q: Can these analyzers measure three-phase power?

A: Yes, these analyzers can measure three-phase power and provide accurate measurements of voltage, current, and power parameters.

for more information about fluke 435 power quality analyzer price and fluke 434 power quality analyzer visit our website.

Fluke 434-II Features

  • Advanced power quality health of fluke 434 2
  • Energy loss calculator
  • Energy loss calculator

Fluke 434 Series II Energy Analyzer Specifications:

  • Case: Design Rugged, shockproof with integrated protective holster Drip and dust proof IP51 according to IEC60529 when used in tilt stand position Shock and vibration Shock 30 g, vibration: 3 g sinusoid, random 0.03 g 2 /Hz according to MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2
  • Display:Brightness: 200 cd/m 2 Typ. using the power adapter, 90 cd/m 2 typical using battery power Size: 127 x 88 mm (153 mm/6.0 in diagonal) LCD Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels Contrast and brightness: user-adjustable, temperature compensated
  • Memory:8GB SD card (SDHC compliant, FAT32 formatted), up to 32GB optionally. Screen save and multiple data memories for storing data including recordings (dependent on memory size).
  • Real-Time Clock: Time and date stamp for Trend mode, Transient display, System Monitor, and event capture
  • Operating Temperature:0°C ~ +40°C; +40°C ~ +50°C excl. battery
  • Storage Temperature:-20°C ~ +60°C
  • Humidity:+10°C ~ +30°C: 95% RH non-condensing,+30°C ~ +40°C: 75% RH non-condensing,+40°C ~ +50°C: 45% RH non-condensing

Fluke 434 II Accessories

  • Fluke BC430 Line Voltage Adapter/Battery Charger
  • Fluke EBC290 External Battery Charger for BP290 and BP291
  • Fluke BP291 4800 mAh High Capacity Li-Ion Battery
  • Fluke BP290 2400 mAh High Capacity Li-Ion Battery for Fluke 190-Series-II
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