Fluke 750P23 Series Pressure Modules

FLUKE-750P23 Pressure module, 0 TO 5 psi (0 TO 350 MBAR), (0 TO 35 KPA). The Fluke 750P Series Pressure Module turns your Fluke multifunction tester into a stylish pressure recorder.

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Fluke 750P23 Series Pressure Modules

The Fluke 750P Series Pressure Module turns your Fluke multifunction tester into a stylish pressure recorder. These simple components not only work with multi-function transmitters such as the 725, 726 or 750 series, but also extend the measurement range of Fluke pressure transmitters. The pressure units are individually configured and can be changed from one converter to another without losing accuracy and availability.

Fluke 750P23 Features

  1. Pressure Range: The specific pressure range covered by the 750P23 Series may vary, so you should check the product documentation or specifications for the precise details. Fluke offers a range of pressure modules with different pressure measurement capabilities.
  2. Compatibility: These pressure modules are typically designed to be compatible with Fluke 750 Series calibrators, including the Fluke 754, 753, and 726 models. It’s crucial to ensure compatibility with your particular calibrator model.
  3. Accuracy: Fluke is known for producing high-precision measurement instruments. The accuracy of the pressure modules is specified in their documentation and may vary based on the pressure range.
  4. Easy Installation: The pressure modules are designed for easy installation and swapping between different modules. This allows users to perform a wide range of pressure calibration tasks with a single calibrator.
  5. Calibration Process: The Fluke 750P23 Series Pressure Modules are likely used in conjunction with the calibrator to calibrate and verify the performance of pressure instruments such as transmitters, gauges, and switches.
  6. Documentation and Software: Fluke provides documentation and may offer software tools that facilitate calibration processes, recordkeeping, and documentation. Check the official Fluke website for the latest resources related to the 750P23 Series.


  • Model Parameter / range Burst rating6 Hi side media2 Lo side media2
    750P23 0 to 5 psi (0 to 350 mBar) 4X 316 SS Dry air


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