Fluke 972B 972ES Temperature Humidity Meter

Fluke 972B Temperature Humidity Meter


  • The Fluke 972B Temperature Humidity Meter
  • Fluke 972ES external sensor

Fluke 972ES External temperature/humidity sensor


  • Fluke 972ES external sensor

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Fluke 972B/972ES Temperature Humidity Meter

The Fluke 972B/972ES Temperature Humidity Meter is a precision instrument designed for measuring temperature and humidity levels in various environments. It’s manufactured by Fluke Corporation, a well-known company specializing in the production of electronic test equipment.

Temperature and humidity are two important factors for indoor air testing and environmental comfort. The Fluke 972 Series Temperature Humidity Meter can quickly and easily collect accurate humidity and temperature data. It has an improved industrial design and is comfortable to hold. Simplified buttons do not require complex functions. Correctly selected sensors ensure reliable data collection.The Fluke 972 Series is an essential environmental monitoring tool for facility maintenance and engineering technicians, HVAC service contractors, R&D and manufacturing engineers, and indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment professionals.

Fluke 972 b Features

  • Standard and optional external probes are available for limited space
  • Accuracy of ±0.5 °C and ± 3% RH, to meet industrial grade testing requirements
  • 99 sets of stored data, easy to review (Fluke 972B only)
  • Auto logging mode for up to 8 hours of automatic temperature and humidity monitoring (Fluke 972B only)
  • Comfortable grip and ergonomic design
  • Reinforced sensor protective cover for worry-free operation


Detailed Specifications
Sensor TypeInternal + ExternalExternal
Temperature Measurement RangeInternal sensor: -30.0 °C to 65.0 °C;
External sensor: -40.0 °C to 99.9 °C
-40.0 °C to 99.9 °C
Temperature AccuracyInternal sensor: ±0.5 °C (-30.0 °C to 65.0 °C)
External sensor: ±0.5 °C (-30.0 °C to 65.0 °C);
±0.7 °C (others)
±0.5 °C (-30.0 °C to 65.0 °C);
±0.7 °C (others)
Temperature Resolution0.1 °C
Dew Point TemperatureRange-40.0 °C to 99.9 °CN/A
Resolution0.1 °CN/A
Wet Bulb TemperatureRange-20.0 °C to 60.0 °CN/A
Resolution0.1 °CN/A
HumidityRange0.0% RH to 99.9% RH
Accuracy±3% RH (≥20.0% RH to ≤80.0% RH @ 25 ℃)
±5% RH (≥1% RH to <20% RH, >80% RH to ≤95% RH @ 25℃)
Unspecified for others
Resolution0.1% RH
Data StorageYes. Up to 99 setsN/A
Display2-line LCD display, with backlightNo
Auto-offPower off after 20 min without any operationN/A
Auto Logging ModeYesN/A
General Specifications
TemperatureOperating-30 °C to 70 °C-40 °C to 70 °C
Storage-30 °C to 70 °C, <80% RH (without battery)-40 °C to 70 °C, <80% RH
AltitudeOperating2000 m
Storage12 000 m
Relative HumidityOperating0% RH to 99% RH
Storage<80% RH
Power SupplyBattery Type2 x AAA Batteries
Battery Life1000 hrs for continuous operating, backlight off
SafetyIEC61010-1, Pollution Degree 2
Dimensions (L x W x H)211 × 58 × 40 mm264 × 33 × 28 mm
Weight172 g (body)127 g
Electromagnetic Environment (EMC)IEC 61326-1: Portable, Electromagnetic Environment; IEC 61326-2-2; CISPR 11: Group 1; Class A
Group 1: Equipment intentionally generates and/or uses conductive-coupled RF energy, which is necessary for its internal operation.
Class A: Equipment is suitable for use in all establishments other than domestic and those directly connected to a low-voltage power supply network that supplies buildings used for domestic purposes. There may be potential difficulties in ensuring electromagnetic compatibility in other environments due to conducted and radiated disturbances.
Caution: This equipment is not intended for use in residential environments and may not provide adequate protection to radio reception in such environments.
IP RatingIEC 60529: IP30, non-operating

Fluke 972B Temperature Humidity Meter


  • The Fluke 972B Temperature Humidity Meter
  • Fluke 972ES external sensor

Fluke 972ES External temperature/humidity sensor


  • Fluke 972ES external sensor
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