Fluke BT520 Battery Analyzer

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Fluke BT520 Battery Analyzer

The Fluke BT520 Battery Analyzer is a device designed for testing and analyzing batteries. It’s commonly used for maintaining, troubleshooting, and performance testing various types of batteries used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Fluke battery management software

Software for Fluke Battery Management enables you to transfer data from the battery tester to a PC fast and simply. The Management Software stores and archives the measurement data and battery profile information, which may be used to compare results, switch between conductance and resistance readings, and do trend analysis. Reports may be produced quickly using all measurement data, battery profile information, and analytical information.

  • Quick view saved readings
  • Profile management
  • Histogram of a battery string with end user defined threshold
  • Historical trend data of batteries
  • Multiple rounds of discharge voltage
  • Quick Report Generation
  • Upgrade Fluke Battery Analyzer firmware
  • Switch measurement results between conductance and resistance readings

Fluke BT520 Key features:

  • All of the above plus
  • BTL20 Intelligent Test Probe set, with long and short probe extenders and built-in LCD display and speaker for visual and audio feedback
  • BTL20ANG Intelligent Test Probe Set, with long and short angled tip probe extenders (no temperature sensor)
  • Large soft carry case

Fluke BT 520 Specifications

Battery Resistance / Strap Resistance13 mΩ0.001 mΩ1% + 8
1% +68
30 mΩ0.01 mΩ0.8% + 6
300 mΩ0.1 mΩ0.8% + 6
3000 mΩ1 mΩ0.8% + 6
VDC6 V0.001 V0.09% + 5
60 V0.01 V0.09% + 5
600 V0.1 V0.09% + 5
1000 V1 V0.09% + 5
VAC (45 Hz to 500 Hz with 800 Hz filter)600 V0.1 V2% + 10
Frequency (displayed with VAC and AAC)2500 Hz0.1 Hz0.5% + 8
AC voltage ripple (20 KHz  Max)600 mV0.1 mV3% + 20
6000 mV1 mV3% + 10
ADC/AAC (with accessory Fluke i410)400 A1 A3.5% + 2
Temperature0°C to 60°C1°C2°C (4°F)
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