Fluke INPP10 insulated pump pliers

Fluke’s insulated water pump pliers or quick-adjust water pump pliers give you a stronger and more comfortable grip than traditional water pump pliers of the same length. 27 jaw adjustment steps allow for more precise workpiece clamping with less slippage than other models. The small size of the head and joint area allows these pump pliers to grip work pieces tightly in tight spaces.


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Fluke insulated pump pliers

The Fluke INPP10 Insulated Pump Pliers are designed with safety, comfort, quality, and ruggedness in mind, suitable for working on energized circuits. These pliers come with several notable features:

  • Adjustability: They have 27 jaw adjustment steps, allowing for precise gripping with minimal slippage, making them more reliable than conventional pump pliers of the same length.
  • Construction: The pliers are made from German CMV steel, known for its durability, and the gripping surfaces have teeth hardened to HRC61, ensuring low wear and reliable gripping.
  • Design: The slim design in the head and joint area facilitates improved access in tight spaces. Additionally, the pliers feature a self-locking mechanism on pipes and nuts, requiring low hand force and preventing slipping on the workpiece.
  • Safety Features: A box-joint design offers high stability due to double guidance, and a pinch guard is included to prevent the operator’s fingers from being pinched.
  • Certification: These pliers are certified to 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC, complying with international standards such as IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505. Each tool is subjected to a 10,000 V dielectric strength test to ensure its protective capability.


Pliers TypeNominal Length (inches)Nominal Length (mm)
Adjustable/Pump Pliers10250
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