Fluke STL120 Shielded Test Leads

Set of two (one red, one gray) double-sided silicon-insulated probes for noise-free measurements. Designed specifically for use with the Fluke ScopeMeter 120 Series. Compatible with AC120 Alligator Clips and HC120 Hook Clips. Includes safely designed grounds. Combined pressure relief and extra strong test tips ensure long life. It has safety designed cover blocks and a grooved end to prevent the probe from slipping.


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Fluke STL120 Shielded Test Leads

The Fluke STL120 Shielded Test Leads are a crucial component for professionals requiring precise and reliable electrical measurements in environments prone to high electromagnetic interference (EMI). Ideal for use with oscilloscopes and other diagnostic instruments, these shielded leads ensure that external noise does not compromise the accuracy of the data collected. This overview provides detailed information about the features, advantages, and potential uses of the Fluke STL120 shielded test leads.

Product Overview

The Fluke STL120 Shielded Test Leads are designed to enhance the performance of electrical testing equipment by protecting against EMI and other forms of signal interference. This makes them particularly valuable in industrial, automotive, and laboratory settings where maintaining signal integrity is crucial.


  • Length: 1.2m (48”)
  • Bandwidth: 12,5 MHz
  • Maximum Signal Voltage: 600V rms. CAT III per IEC 1010-2-031
  • Maximum Voltage to Ground: 600V rms. CAT III per IEC 1010-2-031
  • Maximum Current: 1A

Practical Applications

  • Industrial Applications: In manufacturing and processing plants, the STL120 leads are used to connect to machinery for routine maintenance checks and fault diagnostics. Their shielded nature ensures that industrial noise does not interfere with the accuracy of the readings.
  • Automotive Diagnostics: Auto technicians use these leads to test electronic components in vehicles. The shielding is particularly important for working near engines and other high-interference components.
  • Electronics Testing: In electronics labs, these leads are used to test and measure the performance of circuits and other electronic assemblies where precision is key to valid results.
  • Educational Settings: These leads are also used in educational institutions for teaching students about electronics and electrical engineering, providing a reliable tool for experiments and projects.
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