Fluke TiS75+ Thermal Camera

Fluke TiS75 Plus Thermal Camera :

  • 384 x 288 infrared resolution
  • Asset Tagging
  • Touchscreen IR Fusion™
  • IS3 and AVI video recording
  • Measure up to 550 °C
  • Dew-point calculation
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Fluke TiS75 Plus Thermal Camera

The Fluke TiS75+ is a high-performance thermal imager designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial and commercial applications. This thermal camera is a pivotal tool for professionals in various sectors such as electrical, mechanical, and building industries, enabling efficient troubleshooting and maintenance.

Take your plan for a proactive maintenance (PM) program and turn it into reality. To get started, you need features that make it easy to set up your image organization and inspection routines. With the tis75+ thermal camera you’re well on your way to implementing a successful PM program.

  • Asset Tagging allows you to easily compare asset images over time.
  • Scanning the QR code on each asset creates a timeline of your inspections.
  • Use the time saved (25% on average spent organizing thermal images) to analyze asset images for trends, diagnose issues, and fix problems before they become failures.

Exceptional Value and Advanced Features: The Fluke TiS75+ Thermal Camera

This new Fluke thermal camera stays true to our mantra of giving the customer more than they paid for. The Fluke TiS75+ offers features to help you tackle almost anything you’ll face in the field.

The TiS75+ thermal camera is renowned for its robust construction and user-friendly interface. The device facilitates easy capture and analysis of thermal data, crucial for identifying hot spots and potential failures in electrical systems and mechanical equipment. The TiS75+ offers a straightforward path to diagnose issues, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Pricing for the Fluke TiS75+ varies depending on the specific model and features. The FLK TiS75+ thermal camera price reflects its advanced imaging capabilities and additional functionalities that are part of Fluke’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s the more basic Fluke TIS75 model or the more advanced TiS75+ models, users can expect a reliable tool that offers excellent value for its cost.

Durability and Precision: The Fluke TiS75+ Thermal Imager as a Top Choice for Professionals

Moreover, the Fluke TiS75 thermal imager stands out for its durability and ease of use, making it a preferred choice among professionals who require precise and reliable thermal imaging solutions. With competitive pricing options, the Fluke TiS75+ and its variants, such as the Fluke TIS75+, FLK TiS75, and TIS75 Fluke, continue to be leading choices in the thermal imaging market.

For professionals looking to invest in a thermal imaging camera, the Fluke TiS75+ offers a blend of performance, reliability, and value that can help streamline operations and enhance diagnostic procedures. Whether for inspecting electrical installations, monitoring mechanical systems, or conducting building diagnostics, the Fluke TiS75+ is an invaluable asset in any toolkit.

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To get information about the tis75+ thermal camera price in MME, contact our experts. We offer various models of Fluke Thermal Camera on the MME website, including the Fluke TiS60+ Thermal camera, Fluke TiS20+

Specifications Fluke TiS75 Plus Thermal Camera:

  • Field of view: 42° x 30°
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.5 m
  • Focus system: Manual focus and fixed focus detent at the 1-meter focus position
  • Wireless connectivity: Yes, to PC, iPhone® and iPad® (iOS 4s and later), Android™ 4.3 and up, and WiFi and LAN (where available)
  • Display: 3.5″ (8.9 cm landscape) touchscreen 640 x 480 LCD
  • Thermal sensitivity: 40mk
  • Batteries: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery life : ≥3.5 hours continuous without WiFi
  • Temperature range: -20 °C to 550°C
  • Infrared spectral band: ~8-14μm
  • Operating temperature: -10 °C to 50 °C
  • Sized (H x W x L) : ∼(26.7 cm x 10.1 cm x 14.5 cm)
  • Weight (battery included): ≤2.27 kg (5 lb)
2 reviews

2 reviews for Fluke TiS75+ Thermal Camera

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  1. Tomi

    Great range of measuring

  2. wilfred

    This level of clarity is invaluable when inspecting electrical systems, mechanical equipment, and building structures.

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