HIKMICRO G40 Handheld Thermal Camera

The HIKMICRO G40 Handheld Thermal Camera is a powerful tool for temperature measurement. It features a high-sensitivity thermal module, multiple palettes, and an 8 MP optical module. With a wide temperature range, precise accuracy, and advanced features, it provides valuable assistance across various industries.

  • High-quality optical module with 8 MP resolution
  • Bi-spectrum image fusion, picture-in-picture preview
  • Wide temperature measurement range: -20°C to 650°C (-4°F to 1202°F)
  • High-temperature measurement accuracy: Max. (± 2°C/3.6°F, ± 2%)
  • High-calibre 800 × 480 resolution 4.3” LCD touch display
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HIKMICRO G40 Handheld Thermal Camera Introduction

The HIKMICRO G40 Handheld Thermal Camera is a powerful and versatile device designed specifically for temperature measurement. With its 480 × 360-resolution thermal detector, it enables quick detection of high-temperature targets in various environments, providing valuable assistance for decision-making and ensuring safety across industries.

Featuring leading thermal imaging processing technology, including Adaptive AGC, DDE, and 3D DNR, the HIKMICRO G40 delivers exceptional image quality and clarity. It supports multiple palettes, allowing users to customize the visual representation of thermal data according to their specific needs.

The HIKMICRO G40 Handheld Thermal Camera Equipped with a high-quality optical module boasting 8 MP resolution, the G40 offers advanced features such as bi-spectrum image fusion and picture-in-picture preview, enabling detailed analysis and a comprehensive understanding of thermal information.

With a wide temperature measurement range of -20°C to 650°C (-4°F to 1202°F) and high-temperature measurement accuracy (Max. ± 2°C/3.6°F, ± 2%), the HIKMICRO G40 Handheld Thermal Camera ensures precise and reliable temperature readings.

The device incorporates an impressive 800 × 480 resolution 4.3” LCD touch display, providing a clear and intuitive interface for easy operation. It also offers long-distance laser light supplements for thermography targets, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. In addition, the LED light supplement makes the G40 a versatile tool in various scenarios, serving as a torch when needed.

With 1.0x to 8.0x continuous digital zoom capability, the G40 allows users to magnify and inspect thermal details with ease, enabling thorough analysis and identification of potential issues.

HIKMICRO G40 Handheld Thermal Camera Applications

Here are some of the common applications where the HIKMICRO G40 Handheld Thermal Camera can be used:

Building Inspections:

  • Detecting thermal leaks and insulation issues
  • Identifying moisture intrusion and water damage
  • Assessing HVAC system performance
  • Locating electrical hotspots and potential fire hazards

HVAC System Assessments:

  • Evaluating heating and cooling efficiency
  • Detecting ductwork leaks and insulation gaps
  • Monitoring temperature distribution in HVAC components
  • Troubleshooting system malfunctions

Automotive Industry:

  • Identifying overheating components in engines and exhaust systems
  • Diagnosing cooling system issues
  • Analyzing thermal patterns in braking systems
  • Inspecting electrical and wiring connections for abnormalities

Electrical System Inspections:

  • Locating electrical hotspots and overloaded circuits
  • Detecting faulty electrical connections and loose wiring
  • Identifying potential areas of electrical arcing and fire hazards
  • Assessing the performance of electrical panels and breakers

Energy Audits:

  • Conducting thermal energy assessments in buildings
  • Identifying energy loss and inefficiencies
  • Optimizing insulation and sealing solutions
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of energy-saving measures

Firefighting and Emergency Response:

  • Locating hotspots and fire sources in smoke-filled environments
  • Assessing fire spread and structural integrity
  • Supporting search and rescue operations in low-visibility conditions
  • Monitoring fire scenes for potential flare-ups and hidden dangers

Research and Development:

  • Analyzing thermal patterns in experimental setups
  • Studying heat distribution in materials and components
  • Conducting thermal simulations and modeling
  • Investigating thermal behavior in various environments

Manufacturing Process Monitoring:

  • Ensuring uniformity in temperature-sensitive manufacturing processes
  • Detecting defects and irregularities in product quality
  • Optimizing process efficiency and energy consumption
  • Monitoring equipment performance and preventive maintenance

Quality Control:

  • Inspecting product quality based on temperature variations
  • Identifying thermal anomalies and defects in manufactured goods
  • Verifying compliance with temperature-related specifications
  • Ensuring consistent quality standards throughout production

Safety Inspections:

  • Identifying potential electrical, mechanical, or structural hazards
  • Monitoring equipment performance for abnormal heat signatures
  • Assessing the integrity of high-temperature industrial processes
  • Enhancing safety protocols in hazardous environments

HIKMICRO G40 Specifications

  • High-sensitivity thermal module with 480 × 360 resolution
  • Leading thermal image processing technology: Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR
  • Supports multiple palettes
  • High-quality optical module with 8 MP resolution
  • Bi-spectrum image fusion, picture-in-picture preview
  • Wide temperature measurement range: -20°C to 650°C (-4°F to 1202°F)
  • High-temperature measurement accuracy: Max. (± 2°C/3.6°F, ± 2%)
  • High-caliber 800 × 480 resolution 4.3” LCD touch display
  • Long-distance laser light supplement for thermography targets
  • LED light supplement for versatile illumination
  • Supports 1.0x to 8.0x continuous digital zoom
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Hikmicro is a world-renowned brand in optical and thermal imaging technology. The company specializes in providing premium products that meet the needs of customers in various industries, including law enforcement, military, outdoor enthusiasts, and more. Hikmicro is known for its commitment to innovation and technological advancement, which is evident in its product line. The brand's thermal imaging devices are designed to provide clear and accurate images even in low light, making them great security and surveillance tools.