lambrecht ser log plus data logger

lambrecht ser log plus:

The advantages of this data logger include high accuracy, speed of measurement and data storage, the ability to connect to internet networks, as well as a design resistant to harsh environmental conditions. This data logger is used in many environmental applications, including weather monitoring, climate studies, as well as industrial process control.

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lambrecht ser log plus data logger

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lambrecht ser [log] plus is the most versatile data logger. Due to its convertibility through configuration and scaling, you can easily adapt the Ser[LOG] Plus to the specific challenges of your daily measurement tasks.

product overview lambrecht ser log plus data logger

The product (Lambrecht Ser[log] Plus Data Logger) is a fast and accurate data logger for measuring and storing environmental data produced by Lambrecht meteo GmbH.

This data logger uses various sensors to measure environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, air pressure, radiation, precipitation, etc. and stores the information in the internal memory. Also, this data logger has the ability to connect to internet networks and can send the stored data instantly to other devices through internet connection.

lambrecht ser log plus data logger features

  • Connectable serial and analog sensors.
  • up to 60 parameters are handled.
  • several cutting-edge communication interfaces.
  • extensive sensor collection that the user may easily scale and tune.
  • Collection of formulas and a free formula parser.
  • ten warning channels are used in an alarm system employing internal and exterior relays.
  • choices galore for transferring information.
  • Interference-proof due to shielded aluminum housing.
  • easy to use, having free access to all controls and terminals.

lambrecht ser log plus data logger specifications

  • Resolution:16 bit ADC (SAR) with up to 1024-ti mes oversampling • Processing in 8-byte IEEE real format
  • Signal input:SDI12 • 12 analog/ 5 digital inputs
  • Output:2 potential-free, programmable relays • via Modbus expandable to 10 relays
  • Interface:4 x RS 485 · 5 x RS 422 · 4 x RS 232 · USB device · USB host · Ethernet
  • Operating conditions:-30…+70 °C • 5…95 % r. h. (not condensing)
  • Supply voltage:10…30 VDC
  • Current consumption:from 133 mA (12 V) up to 350 mA (12 V) depending on configuration
  • Storage capacity:1 year in ring memory (8-byte IEEE real format) – not depending on configuration
  • Data transfer:communication paths (see overview
  • Ethernet:100 MBit • connector RJ45
  • Dimensions:125 x 238 x 72 mm
  • Weight:approx. 1.3 kg
  • Standards:EMC: IEC 60945
  • Included in delivery:USB cable · Ser[LOG] Commander management app
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