Megeer SWG 1750 32 kV surge wave generator

The Megeer SWG 1750 surge wave generator is a modular, variable solution available in multiple configurations. Due to its size and power, the SWG is …

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Megeer SWG 1750 32 kV 1750 J or 3500 J surge wave generator

The Megger SWG 1750 32 kV Surge Wave Generator stands as a cornerstone in advanced fault localization technology for electrical cable systems. As a pulse wave generator, the SWG 1750 plays a critical role in the diagnostic chain, from pre-localization to the precise localization of faults in electrical cables. This tool is integral for utilities and maintenance teams dedicated to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of their electrical infrastructure.

Modular and Flexible Design

The SWG 1750 is noted for its modular design, offering several configurable options to suit different system requirements. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for various fault-locating systems, where the demands for power and functionality can vary widely. Due to its robust size and significant power output, the SWG 1750 is primarily installed in specialized fault-locating systems rather than as a portable field device.

Advanced Fault Detection Technology

In operation, the SWG 1750 utilizes its surge generator to initiate an arc following the detection of a fault within the cable network. This activation triggers a transient wave—a continuously propagating and reflected wave—that travels between the fault point and the surge generator. The key to measuring and analyzing these waves lies in the SWG 1750’s integration with an inductive coupler and a Teleflex reflectometer. This setup allows for the precise recording of the transient wave’s properties. By analyzing the complete oscillation of the wave, the SWG 1750 can accurately determine the distance to the fault, facilitating swift and effective troubleshooting.

Enhanced Capability with Inductive Couplers

An essential feature of the SWG 1750 is its standard inclusion of couplers designed to capture transient current waves, specifically in units with impulse energies of 1000 Joules or more. These couplers are critical for ensuring that every significant aspect of the transient response is recorded, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of fault dynamics. This capability is particularly valuable in complex or highly integrated power systems where fault precision is paramount.

Key Applications and Impact

The Megger SWG 1750 is indispensable in sectors where the integrity of electrical infrastructure is crucial, such as in power generation, distribution, and large-scale industrial settings. By providing detailed and accurate fault analysis, the SWG 1750 helps prevent downtime, enhance system reliability, and extend the lifespan of electrical assets.

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Megeer SWG 1750 Features

  • High surge energy up to 3500 J
  • Fast surge rate
  • Voltages between 2 and 32 kV

Megeer SWG 1750 32 kV 1750 J or 3500 J surge wave generator Specifications

  • Range (n) : I II  III
  • Voltage (kV) : 0 … 8  0 … 16  0 … 32
  • Energy(Joule) : 3500
  • Capacity (μF) : 109  27.2  6,8
  • Voltage adjustable: YES
  • Cycle(Single imp): 2.5 … 10 yes
  • DC testing Imax (mA): 210  105  53
  • Dimension(W x D x H) : 520 x 430 x 630    520 x 270 x 410
  • Weight (kg): 99 + 30
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Data Sheet

Data Sheet


Technical Specifications of SWG 1750 32 kV Surge Wave Generator
Range (n) Voltage (kV) Energy (Joule) Capacity (μF) Voltage Adjustable Cycle (Single Impulse) DC Testing Imax (mA) Dimension (W x D x H in mm) Weight (kg)
I 0 … 8 3500 109 YES 2.5 … 10 yes 210 520 x 430 x 630 99 + 30
II 0 … 16 27.2 105 520 x 270 x 410
III 0 … 32 6.8 53 520 x 270 x 410