Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier Scale Caliper with Nib Style Jaws

The Mitutoyo Vernier scale caliper is an example of the precise engineering and superb workmanship that has come to be expected from Mitutoyo. Its nib jaws offer precise and dependable measures because to their round measuring faces, 14-degree face angle, and elevated sliding surfaces. Additionally, its corrosion-resistant and hardened stainless steel construction ensures that it will survive for an exceptionally long time. The lock screw feature of the Vernier caliper and the fact that it complies with Federal Accuracy Specifications both contribute to further solidify the caliper’s status as a trustworthy measuring tool. The Mitutoyo Vernier scale caliper is, and will continue to be, the instrument of choice for high-accuracy measurement requirements in a wide variety of applications, including machining, engineering, and laboratory settings.

  • 0-450mm
  • 0.05mm
  • Metric
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Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier Scale Caliper with Nib Style Jaws

When it comes to precise measurements in a wide variety of fields and contexts, the Mitutoyo Vernier scale caliper is a sign of accuracy and dependability that distinguishes out from the competition. This cutting-edge measuring device was developed for the sole purpose of providing accurate measures of both the inner and the outside dimensions, even under the most stringent conditions. In this article, we will examine the essential characteristics of the Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier scale caliper and how it assures accurate readings while retaining its durability and convenience of use. In addition, we will discuss how this caliper maintains its ease of use without sacrificing its durability. The Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier Scale Caliper makes precise measurement simple and straightforward.

Measuring Faces on the Nib Jaws Shaped Like a Circle

The nib jaws of the Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier scale caliper are rounded on the outside and feature measurement faces on the inside. This aspect of the design is very necessary in order to achieve a high level of precision in the measurements. The caliper is able to establish accurate contact with the item being measured thanks to the round measuring faces, which also helps to reduce the likelihood of mistakes caused by faulty alignment. As a consequence of this, the measuring instrument is well suited for use in settings that call for the finest accuracy, such as those found in the fields of machining, engineering, and laboratory work.

A Reading-Friendly Face Angle of 14 Degrees for Better Visibility

The face angle of the Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier caliper is set at 14 degrees, making it simple and straightforward to get precise readings. Because the scale is positioned at this precise angle, it is easy for users to read the measurements that are presented on the caliper. Because the readings are both clear and easily visible, it is much easier for operators to acquire exact measurements without encountering any misunderstanding. Additionally, the lowered face angle helps eliminate parallax errors, which are a prevalent problem when the measurements are taken from an angle rather than straight on.

Sliding Surfaces That Are Raise Off the Ground for Protection and a Smoother Ride

The design of Mitutoyo’s Vernier caliper, which has elevated sliding surfaces, is something the company is rather proud of. This considerate feature provides two key goals, which are as follows: To begin, the delicate graduation marks on the scales are shielded from damage by the raised sliding surfaces, which also protects them from wear and tear over time. Second, the raised surfaces make it possible for the caliper to slide easily, which makes making adjustments and taking measurements more simpler and more accurate.

Construction Made of Hardened Stainless Steel, Which Is Resistant to Corrosion

When it comes to measuring instruments, durability is one of the most important characteristics to look for, particularly in those that are intended for high levels of precision and extensive usage. Hardened stainless steel is used in the construction of the Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier caliper, which contributes to the instrument’s exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion. Even when subjected to demanding environments and lengthy periods of use, the caliper will continue to perform properly and accurately thanks to the construction material that was used.

A Satin Chrome Finish, which Helps to Reduce Glare

Another one of Mitutoyo’s well-thought-out design decisions is the satin chrome finish on the Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier caliper. The coating has a substantial anti-reflective effect, which is particularly noticeable in well-lit surroundings. Because there is less glare, operators don’t have to strain their eyes to read measurements, and they don’t have to worry about misinterpreting the data because of reflections. The caliper’s overall visual appeal is further elevated by the smooth chrome finish, which also serves to underscore the caliper’s position as a high-end measuring tool.

Lock Screw for Accurate Measurements

In order to get precise readings from a caliper, it is necessary to have the capacity to fix its position after each measurement has been made. The movable jaw of the Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier scale caliper may be held in place by the user thanks to the lock screw that comes along with the device. When the lock screw is turned to the “on” position, it guarantees that the caliper does not move and stays in place, which assures precise readings for a variety of applications.

Accuracy in accordance with the Federal Accuracy Specifications GGG-C-111B

The fact that Mitutoyo 160-130 adheres to the Federal Accuracy Specifications GGG-C-111B is evidence of the company’s dedication to providing products of the highest possible quality and accuracy. This standard establishes stringent standards that must be followed in order to ensure that measuring devices are accurate and reliable. Because it satisfies these requirements, the Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier caliper continues to live up to its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable instrument for performing precise measurements.

Variations of Packaging Available for a Variety of Models

The type and size of the Vernier caliper determine the packing alternatives Mitutoyo provides for customers to choose from. When not in use, the majority of models come with a vinyl holster that is housed inside a fitting box. This allows for easy storage as well as protection. The versions that measure 300 millimeters (12 inches) and 450 millimeters (18 inches) are packaged in a fitted box, while the bigger models that measure over 600 millimeters (24 inches) get packaged in a wooden container for increased durability and protection during shipping and storage.

Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier Scale Caliper with Nib Style Jaws specifications:

  • Technology: Mechanical
  • Units: Metric
  • Range: 0-450mm
  • Minimum dimension in ID measurement: 20mm
  • Accuracy: ±0.1mm
  • Weight: 1100g
  • Graduation: 0.02mm
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1 review for Mitutoyo 160-130 Vernier Scale Caliper with Nib Style Jaws

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    its corrosion-resistant and hardened stainless steel construction ensures that it will survive for an exceptionally long time.

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Mitutoyo Instruments

Regarding precision measuring instruments, Mitutoyo is a brand that stands out for its exceptional quality and reliability. In the UAE, professionals and industries rely on Mitutoyo calipers to obtain accurate measurements for various applications. In this article, we will explore Mitutoyo calipers' benefits, availability in the UAE, pricing, and how to contact Mitutoyo representatives in the region.

Mitutoyo Calipers: Delivering Precision Measurements:

Mitutoyo calipers are renowned for their precision and durability. These measuring instruments are designed to provide accurate measurements for dimensional inspection, quality control, and precise machining operations. Whether you're working in the manufacturing, engineering, or automotive industry, Mitutoyo calipers are trusted tools for obtaining reliable measurements.

Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper: A Timeless Classic:

One of the most popular calipers Mitutoyo offers is the Vernier Caliper. This classic design incorporates sliding and Vernier scales, allowing precise length measurements, inside and outside diameters, and depths. Mitutoyo Vernier Calipers are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring smooth operation and consistent accuracy.

Availability and Pricing in the UAE:

Mitutoyo calipers, including Vernier Calipers, are readily available in the UAE through authorized distributors and suppliers. These suppliers specialize in providing high-quality measuring instruments to industries across the country. They maintain a comprehensive inventory of Mitutoyo calipers and related products, ensuring easy access to the tools you need for your measuring requirements.

Regarding pricing, Mitutoyo calipers are competitively priced, considering their exceptional quality and accuracy. The cost may vary based on the calipers' specific model, features, and sizes. To get accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended to contact authorized Mitutoyo distributors or suppliers in the UAE.

Getting in Touch:

If you have inquiries or want to purchase, contacting the authorized Mitutoyo distributors or suppliers in the UAE is the best way to proceed. They have knowledgeable staff members who can guide selecting the right calipers for your needs. Additionally, they can assist you with pricing details, delivery options, and any other related queries.

To contact Mitutoyo representatives in the UAE, you can contact them through their contact number. The contact number is provided on the official Mitutoyo website and can be found easily with a quick online search. By contacting Mitutoyo directly, you can ensure that you receive accurate and reliable information about their calipers and other measuring instruments.