Mitutoyo 160-133 Vernier Scale Caliper with Nib Style Jaws

The Mitutoyo 160-133 Vernier Scale Caliper, in its most fundamental sense, goes beyond the capabilities of conventional measuring devices. It is a monument to rigorous engineering that it adheres to federal accuracy criteria and has round measuring faces, the ideal face angle, a stainless-steel construction, an anti-glare finish, and a locking mechanism. Additionally, it has anti-glare finish. The caliper is the epitome of precision, and its use in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, and woodworking—as well as other fields that place a premium on accuracy in measurement—is proof that precise readings can be relied on by trained experts.

  • 0-1500mm
  • 0.05mm
  • Metric
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Mitutoyo 160-133 Vernier Scale Caliper with Nib Style Jaws

When it comes to devices for precise measurement, the Mitutoyo Vernier Scale Caliper is often regarded as an illustrative example of innovative engineering. This caliper, with its meticulously selected features and well-considered design, is an instrument that serves as an invaluable tool in fields in which correct dimensional assessments are of the utmost importance. Let’s take a closer look at the specific characteristics that set the Mitutoyo 160-133 Vernier Scale Caliper apart from other options available to pros as well as serious hobbyists. Unveiling the Outstanding Characteristics of the Mitutoyo Vernier Scale Caliper is a Step Towards Redefinition of the Term “Precision.”

Nib Jaws Featuring Circular Measuring Faces: Taking Precision to a Whole New Level

The round measurement faces found on each of the nib jaws of the Mitutoyo 160-133 Vernier Scale Caliper are the device’s most important component. Because of its unique construction, the caliper is capable of achieving an unrivaled level of precision while measuring both the inner and the outside dimensions. The round measuring faces assure precision down to the finest of details, whether they are being used to evaluate delicate components or to gauge the precise requirements of important items.

Improving the Capability of Use with a Face Angle of Fourteen Degrees

The face angle of the Mitutoyo 160-133 caliper, which is set at 14 degrees, is not merely a design detail; rather, it is a deliberate solution to a typical measuring problem. This angle, which was selected with great care, makes reading substantially easier and reduces the likelihood of parallax mistakes occurring during readings. Errors in the parallax, which are brought on by a misalignment between the line of sight of the viewer and the measurement markers, may lead to inaccurate results. This problem is alleviated because to the 14-degree face angle, which guarantees that readings are trustworthy in addition to accurate.

A beautiful symphony of construction excellence: functionality and longevity:

A Sturdy Construction Composed of Stainless Steel, Which Serves as the Basis of Durability

The Mitutoyo 160-133 Vernier caliper is an example of long-lasting construction since it is made from hardened stainless steel. The use of this particular material not only makes the instrument more robust, but it also protects it against rust and other forms of corrosion. Regardless of whether the caliper is employed in controlled settings or is subjected to difficult circumstances, the structure of the caliper is made of stainless steel, which guarantees that precision is not affected over time.

The Satin Chrome Finish: Going Above and Beyond Aesthetics

The smooth chrome finish on the Mitutoyo 160-133 Vernier caliper is not there for purely aesthetic reasons; rather, it serves a practical purpose. The clarity of the measurement readings is improved as a result of the polish since it reduces glare. When working in situations with varied lighting conditions, this function becomes very useful because of its versatility. The anti-glare quality of the finish ensures that measurements are taken precisely, without the presence of any visual obstructions.

The Discovery of Precise Mechanisms: Accuracy in Every Measurement:

The Lock Screw Mechanism, Which Is Responsible For Securing Precision

The design of the Mitutoyo 160-133 Vernier caliper includes a lock screw mechanism that is responsible for keeping the sliding jaw in its proper position. This method is very necessary in order to get measurements that are precise and consistent. The lock screw guarantees that each measurement taken is accurate to the real dimensions by preventing any unintentional movement of the sliding jaw. This eliminates the possibility of any mistakes occurring during the measuring process.

Meeting the requirements of the Federal Accuracy Specifications GGG-C-111B

The Mitutoyo 160-133 Vernier Scale Caliper’s dedication to accuracy extends beyond simple assertions, as seen by the product’s name. The fact that it complies with the Federal Accuracy Specifications GGG-C-111B is evidence of both its accuracy and its high quality. This compliance demonstrates that the caliper is reliable for use in activities that need precise measurements, ensuring users that they can rely on the device’s readings for important applications.

Variations in the Packaging Used for the Various Models

In light of the fact that there is a wide range of caliper sizes available, Mitutoyo provides model-specific packing options. Models with a smaller caliper are packaged in a box that is tailored to their specific dimensions and include a vinyl holster. This packaging not only guarantees that the instrument is simple to retrieve, but it also protects it while it is being stored. A sturdy hardwood casing offers an additional layer of protection for bigger models. This helps to ensure that the caliper is delivered in perfect shape and is ready for precise work when it is used.

Mitutoyo 160-133 Vernier Scale Caliper with Nib Style Jaws specifications:

  • Technology: Mechanical
  • Units: Metric
  • Minimum dimension in ID measurement: 20mm
  • Range: 0-1500mm
  • Accuracy: ±0.22mm
  • Graduation: 0.05mm
  • Mass: 4850g
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1 review for Mitutoyo 160-133 Vernier Scale Caliper with Nib Style Jaws

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  1. frazer

    The vernier scale adds an extra layer of precision, allowing me to make measurements with utmost accuracy.

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Mitutoyo Instruments

Regarding precision measuring instruments, Mitutoyo is a brand that stands out for its exceptional quality and reliability. In the UAE, professionals and industries rely on Mitutoyo calipers to obtain accurate measurements for various applications. In this article, we will explore Mitutoyo calipers' benefits, availability in the UAE, pricing, and how to contact Mitutoyo representatives in the region.

Mitutoyo Calipers: Delivering Precision Measurements:

Mitutoyo calipers are renowned for their precision and durability. These measuring instruments are designed to provide accurate measurements for dimensional inspection, quality control, and precise machining operations. Whether you're working in the manufacturing, engineering, or automotive industry, Mitutoyo calipers are trusted tools for obtaining reliable measurements.

Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper: A Timeless Classic:

One of the most popular calipers Mitutoyo offers is the Vernier Caliper. This classic design incorporates sliding and Vernier scales, allowing precise length measurements, inside and outside diameters, and depths. Mitutoyo Vernier Calipers are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring smooth operation and consistent accuracy.

Availability and Pricing in the UAE:

Mitutoyo calipers, including Vernier Calipers, are readily available in the UAE through authorized distributors and suppliers. These suppliers specialize in providing high-quality measuring instruments to industries across the country. They maintain a comprehensive inventory of Mitutoyo calipers and related products, ensuring easy access to the tools you need for your measuring requirements.

Regarding pricing, Mitutoyo calipers are competitively priced, considering their exceptional quality and accuracy. The cost may vary based on the calipers' specific model, features, and sizes. To get accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended to contact authorized Mitutoyo distributors or suppliers in the UAE.

Getting in Touch:

If you have inquiries or want to purchase, contacting the authorized Mitutoyo distributors or suppliers in the UAE is the best way to proceed. They have knowledgeable staff members who can guide selecting the right calipers for your needs. Additionally, they can assist you with pricing details, delivery options, and any other related queries.

To contact Mitutoyo representatives in the UAE, you can contact them through their contact number. The contact number is provided on the official Mitutoyo website and can be found easily with a quick online search. By contacting Mitutoyo directly, you can ensure that you receive accurate and reliable information about their calipers and other measuring instruments.