PCE-910 Differential Pressure Manometer

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PCE-910 Differential Pressure Manometer

The PCE-910 is a handheld durometer, commonly used for measuring the hardness of materials. This type of device is essential in fields like materials science, manufacturing, and quality control, where understanding material hardness is crucial for ensuring product durability and usability. The PCE-910 specifically is designed to facilitate easy and accurate hardness testing of medium-hard to hard materials such as rubber, plastics, and other non-metallic substances.

The PCE-910 differential pressure gauge comes with 1 x 1m/3ft silicone tube, 2x metal tube adapters and 1x9V battery. Optional PC software with an RS-232 cable can be purchased separately as a data transfer device. The software can be used to transfer data to a computer for evaluation, recording and storage of pressure changes. Just connect the differential pressure gauge to the PC’s RS-232 port to test. If your computer does not have an RS-232 interface, you can purchase a
RS-232-USB adapter.

PCE-910 Key Features

  • ± 1 to 2000 mbar (± 0.01 to 29.00 psi) measuring range
  • 10 measurement units: psi, mbar, inH2O, mH2O, inHg, mmHg, Torr, Pa / kPa, atm, kg/cm²
  • Designed to measure air, gas and non-corrosive liquid pressures
  • Min, max and data hold functions
  • RS-232 port / interface
  • 15 mm / 0.6 in LCD screen
  • Optional PC software with RS-232 cable sold separately as a data transfer accessory

PCE-910 Specifications

mbarResolution: 1
Range: ± 2000
psiResolution: 0.01
Range: ± 29.00
inH2OResolution: 0.5
Range: ± 802.0
mH2OResolution: 0.01
Range: ± 20.40
inHgResolution: 0.02
Range: ± 59.00
mmHgResolution: 1
Range: ± 1500
TorrResolution: –
Range: –
Pa / kPaResolution: –
Range: –
atmResolution: 0.001
Range: ± 1.974
kg/cm²Resolution: 0.001
Range: ± 2.040
Accuracy± 2% (full range)
Reproducibility± 1%
Response time0.8 second
InterfaceRS-232 port
Power supply1 x 9V block battery
Housing materialPlastic
Housing dimensionsApprox. 180 x 72 x 32 mm / 7.09 x 2.84 x 1.26 in
WeightApprox. 210 g / < 1 lb
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