PCE CRM 40 Chroma Colorimeter

A portable instrument that measures the color and brightness of light sources is the PCE CRM 40 Chroma Colorimeter. On a color LCD panel, it can show a variety of color parameters, including color temperature, chromaticity, wavelength, and RGB values. The data can also be saved on an SD card or transferred via USB to a PC. It is perfect for evaluating and improving lighting conditions in a variety of application areas.


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PCE CRM 40 Chroma Colorimeter

A professional tool for measuring and evaluating the colour of diverse materials and surfaces is the PCE-CRM 40 Chroma Colorimeter. It is intended to satisfy the rigorous requirements of industrial applications, research, and development.

The PCE CRM 40 Chroma Colorimeter shows the colour values in many colour spaces, including CIE Lab, CIE LCh, CIE XYZ, RGB, CMYK, and more, using a high-precision optical sensor and a colour LCD display.

Additionally, it supports a number of colour difference formulas, including Eab, Ecmc, E94, E00, and others. The device’s internal memory can hold up to 100 standard colours and 20,000 test results, which can then be transferred to a PC using Bluetooth or USB.

Operating and using the PCE CRM 40 Chroma Colorimeter is simple. It can accommodate a variety of samples thanks to its big measurement aperture of 8 mm. For reliable and consistent results, it also contains a stable white calibration plate and a black calibration cavity. A lithium-ion rechargeable battery that powers the gadget has a 3000-measurement capacity.

For a variety of industries and applications, including paint, printing, textile, plastic, food, cosmetics, medical, and more, the PCE CRM 40 Chroma Colorimeter is appropriate. It can aid in improving customer happiness, production process optimization, and product quality control.

The PCE CRM 40 Chroma Colorimeter is the ideal option for you if you’re searching for a chroma colorimeter that is trustworthy and adaptable and can measure and assess the colour of any substance or surface. Order yours now and benefit from precise and effective colour measuring.

  •  Measurement of colour temperature
  •  Lux measurement up to 150 kLux
  •  Representation of Tristimulus and RGB
  •  Ideal for LEDs
  •  SD memory
  •  Colour LCD

PCE CRM 40 Chroma Colorimeter Specifications

Measurement functionsTristimulus values: XYZ
Chromaticity: Ev xy, Ev u’v’
Correlated colour temperature: Tc
Colour difference: Δ (XYZ), Δ (Evxy ), Δ (Evuv ), ΔE v ΔTc Δuv
Chromaticity coordinates: ICE1931 (x, y), ICE1976 (u, v)
Dominant wavelength: λd
Colour fastness: Pe
Luminous flux: Φ, RGB parameter, colour chart, maximum recording and indicator
Measuring range0.1 … 150,000 lx
0.01 … 15000 fcd
Ev: 5 lx / 0.5 fcd or above in four automatically selected ranges (lx or fcd is switchable)
Spectral range360 … 780 nm
Relative spectral sensitivityBased on CIE standard X (λ), y (λ), and Z (λ), deviation within 6% (f1 ‘) of CIE spectral luminous efficiency V (λ)
Cosine correctionEv: < 3% (f2)
AccuracyEv : ± 5 % ± 1 digit of displayed value
Xy: ± 0.003 lx (at 500 lx, standard A)
RepeatabilityEv : ± 0.5% + 1 digit (2σ)
xy: ± 0.0005 (measured at 500 lx, standard A)
Temperature driftEv : ± 3% ± 1 digit of the indicated value
xy: + -0.003
Response time0.5 second (for continuous measurement)
Sensor typeSilicon photocell
Slot for SD card
Display3.2″ color LCD
Operating conditions-10 … 40°C / 14 … 10°F <85% RH
Storage conditions-20 … 40°C / -4 … 104°F <85% RH
Power supply2200-mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery lifeMin. 12 hours
Dimensions210 x 80 x 35 mm / 8.2 x 3.1 x 1.37 in
Weight300 g / < 1 lb including battery
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