PCE VE 200SV1 Videoscope

Visual inspection of difficult-to-reach regions is possible with the PCE VE 200SV1 Videoscope, a flexible tool. It has a 3.5-inch LCD monitor, an LED lighting system, an SD card slot, a 1-meter cord, and a camera head with a diameter of 4.5 mm. Industrial, automotive, plumbing, and electrical applications are perfect for the PCE VE 200SV1 Videoscope.

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PCE VE 200SV1 Videoscope

With the help of the PCE VE 200SV1 portable endoscope, you can inspect a variety of hard-to-reach objects, including pipes, ducts, machines, walls, and more. It is designed for use in a variety of industrial and professional environments, including automotive, aerospace, plumbing, construction, maintenance, and inspection.

The PCE VE 200SV1 Videoscope’s flexible and waterproof probe may be bent and turned to access different angles and directions. The inspection region can be illuminated with an adjustable LED light built into the probe. High-definition images and videos of the inspection area can be captured by the probe’s camera.

The expansive, crystal-clear LCD monitor of the PCE VE 200SV1 Videoscope displays the live image and video of the inspection area. It also has a memory capability that accepts a micro-SD card that can store up to 32 GB of data (it is not supplied).

Through the use of a USB cord and the software that comes with it, the data may be seen on a PC. You may edit, annotate, and share pictures and videos of the inspection area using the software. The durable and ergonomic design of the PCE VE 200SV1 Videoscope makes it simple to use and handle.

Four accessories—a hook, a magnet, a mirror, and a protective cap—as well as a carrying bag, a USB cable, a software CD, and a user manual—are also included. Four AA batteries (not provided) or an AC adaptor (optional) are used to power the gadget.

The PCE VE 200SV1 Videoscope is a crucial instrument that may assist you in inspecting and identifying numerous issues and flaws in challenging-to-reach regions. The PCE VE 200SV1 Videoscope can give you crisp, in-depth photographs and recordings of the inspection area, whether you need to investigate pipes, ducts, engines, machines, walls, or other things.

  • 9 mm / 0.4 in cable diameter
  •  3.5″ display
  •  Brightness adjustable on the camera head
  •  2600-mAh battery
  •  Cable length 1 m / 3.3 ft
  •  SD card slot for Micro SD card

PCE VE 200SV1 Videoscope Specifications

  • Display: 3.5″ LCD
  • Resolution video function: AVI (640×480)
  • Resolution picture function: JPEG (1600×1200)
    Image rotation 180° rotation and mirror function
  • Freeze function: Yes
  • Zoom: Up to 4 times
  • Storage medium: Micro SD card
  • Menu languages: English
    Simplified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese
  • Interfaces: Micro USB 2.0, TV out, Micro SD card slot
  • TV output: PAL
  • Power supply: Li-ion battery
  • Battery Capacity: 2600-mAh
  • Operating conditions: -10 … 40°C / -10 … 104°F, rel. Humidity <75%

Technical specification: of the PCE-VE 200SV1 (borescope cable)

  • Cable diameter: 9 mm / 0.4 in
  • Image sensor: 1/8″ CMOS chip
  • Resolution camera: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Lighting the camera: 4 LEDs on the front, 2 LEDs on the side
  • Field: of view/angle of view 90°
  • Brightness control: Manually
  • Sight depth: 15 … 100 mm / 0.6 … 3.9 in, front camera; 3-50 mm / 0.1 … 2 inside
  • camera:
    Length of camera tube:  1 m / 3.3 ft
  • Pushcable:  Malleable, soft metal

Ambient conditions of the PCE-VE 200SV1

  • Operating temperature:       Probe

In the air: -10 … 50°C / 14 … 122°F
In water: 5 … 50°C / 41 … 122°F

  • Main unit:   In the air: -10 … 50°C / 14 … 122°F
  • Relative humidity: Probe and main unit:     15 … 90%
  • Fluid resistance:            Probe and main unit          Machine oil, a light oil, or saline 5%
  • Protection against intrusion:  Probe  Water, oil, and dust, according to protection class IP67
  • Main unit:      Rain in wind (battery compartment must be closed)
    Not underwater
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video scope specification
Cable diameter

0.4 in, 9 mm

Camera rotating angle

180° rotation and mirrorfunction

Image sensor

1/8" CMOS chip

Camera resolution

640 x 480 pixels

Field of view



Micro SD cardslot, Micro USB 2.0, TV out

Cable length

1 m

Mechanical and General Specifications

Li-ion battery

Operating temperature

-10 … 40°C