PCE-VE 250 Videoscope

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PCE-VE 250

There is one Videoscope PCE-VE 250.
Attachable TFT LCD, 1 only.
AV output cable, one.
a USB cord, one.
1 × Car power adaptor.
1 container for liquid.
1 carry-on bag.
One quick-shutoff valve alone.
1 user guide.


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PCE-VE 250 Videoscope

PCE-VE 250 Videoscope is an industrial imaging device that is used to check and accurately measure internal components of machinery, pipe walls, wells, and other industrial and construction structures.

product overview

A diagnostic device with built-in cleaning capabilities is the Videoscope PCE-VE 250. As a result, the Videoscope PCE-VE 250 is perfect for use on machine parts. Either compressed air alone or in combination with water and/or detergents can be used for cleaning. With the digital endoscope’s water and air nozzles right close to the camera head, work may be done with extreme precision. Another benefit is that the camera head contains a light, making it possible to precisely estimate the cleaning spot.

The endoscope cable’s estimated length of 90 cm (or 2 ft 11 in) and semi-flexibility make it possible to put it into apertures. A trigger initiates the cleaning. Both water and detergent can be used for cleaning. It is also feasible to clean the machine component using only compressed air since the relevant liquid is transferred using compressed air. A shut-off valve that may be used to halt the liquid flow is installed in front of the trigger for this reason. Only flipping the valve makes this happen. If there is any remaining fluid in the endoscope tube from prior use, it is blasted out, allowing for liquid-free cleaning.

The delivery includes a liquid container that can be filled with cleaning fluid and whose level is also clearly visible. The use of the digital endoscope requires a compressed air connection, which requires 6 to 8 bar connection pressure. Charging the digital endoscope occurs via the USB interface on the device itself. A car charger adapter is also included.

A camera tube with lighting and cleaning equipment attached is part of the digital endoscope. The main device may adjust the illumination on the display. The lights may be dimmed or turned out altogether. The brightness may be adjusted in three steps. Due to the two roles, the camera head has a diameter of 8.5 mm as opposed to the endoscopic cable, which has a cable diameter of 4.5 mm/ 0.18 in. An endoscopic cable is a semi-flexible gadget with IP67 water, dust, and oil protection.

PCE-VE 250 Videoscope features

  • Camera head diameter of 8.5 mm (0.33 inch).
  • A 3.5″ display.
  • Light brightness can be changed.
  • Cleaning capability.
  • 4 hours of continuous battery life.
  • About 90 cm (2 ft 11 in) of cable.
  • The Micro SD card’s memory choice.
  • Rotation and reflection of the image on the display.

PCE-VE 250 Videoscope specifications

  • Display: 3.5″ TFT LCD
  • Resolution video function: AVI (640 x 480)
  • Resolution image function: JPEG (640 x 480)
  • Image rotation: 360° rotation and mirror function
  • Freeze function: Yes
  • Zoom: 4-fold, digital
  • Storage medium: Micro SD card (4 GB)
  • Menu languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese,simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese
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video scope specification
Cable diameter

4.5 mm / 0.18 in

Digital zoom

4-fold, digital

Camera resolution

720 x 576 Pixel

Field of view



Micro USB 2.0, TV output, Micro SD card slot

Cable length

ca. 90 cm / 2ft 11 in