Schutz Messtechnik PS 203 & PS 203 F gas detection

Schutz Messtechnik PS 203 and PS 203 F are gas detectors designed to detect flammable gases and vapors in air.

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Schutz Messtechnik PS 203 and PS 203 F gas detection devices

With the Schütz PS 103 to 403 test stations, you can, among other things, perform a sensitivity test (10 ppm) of the gas concentration meter to test the surface before starting work and after when interrupting important work (DVGW G 465-4). You can check the display accuracy of the gas detector easily by connecting different compressed air cartridges to the respective test gas (1 vol. % – 2.2 vol. % – 100 vol.%) Go to the test station. However, if you continuously use a variety of gases, we recommend purchasing one of the larger 203 or 403 test stations.

All gases can be connected in a 1-liter aluminum pressurized air box. The remaining tank pressure is always displayed. If a larger volume of air is required, a steel pressurized gas tank can be connected via an adapter and a pressure reducer. With flow meter.

PS 203

  • Compared to PS 103 and 203 this station is analog.
  • It can take up to 2 x 1 Liter alu-cans.

PS 203 F

  • The PS203 F can be used to carry out tests of semiconductor measurement systems under the control of the test gas humidity. The test gas is humidified in the system. This humidification is regulated via a bypass. The resulting humidification value of the gas is displayed on the humidity-measuring device.
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