Siglent SDM3065X-Display Digital Multimeters

SIGLENT SDM3065X and SDM3065X-SC Digital Multimeters are a 6 ½ digit DMM (digital multimeter with 2,200,000 counts) incorporating a dual–display.

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Siglent SDM3065X 6 ½ Digits Dual-Display Digital Multimeters

Digital multimeters from SIGLENT with 6 1/2 digits and 2,200,000 counts (SDM3065X and SDM3065X-SC) include twin displays. Particularly well-suited for the requirements of high-accuracy and high-precision applications measurement is the SDM3065X series.

A multiplexer that supports multi-point measurements is part of the SIGLENT SDM3065X-SC. The scanner has 12 channels that are multipurpose plus 4 channels for current, and it supports the following measurement functions: DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2WR, 4WR, CAP, FREQ, DIODE, CONT, and TEMP (RTD and Thermocouple). It offers a practical and adaptable solution for test applications requiring several measurement points or signals and is the perfect instrument for production testing and R&D burn-in.

Siglent SDM3065X Features

  • Supports double display, Chinese and English Menu
  • File management (support for U-disc and local storage)
  • Built-in cold terminal compensation for thermocouple
  • Comes with easy, convenient, and flexible sensor measurement control software: EasyDMM
  • Math Function: Max, Min, Average, Standard Deviation, dBm/dB, Relative Measurement, Pass/Fail Histogram, Trend Chart, Bar Meter, etc.

Siglent SDM3065X Specifications

  • Max AC Voltage: 125 rms or 175 V peak, 100kHz, 0.3 A switched, 125VA ( resistive load )
  • Contact Life: > 100000 operations, at 1 A 30VDC ( at 0.5Hz ),> 100000 operations, at 0.3 A 125VDC ( at 0.5Hz )
  • Contact Resistance: 75 mΩ (maximum at 6 VDC, 1A)
  • Channel-to-channel switching time: 280ms (typical)
  • Maximum switching voltage: 250 VAC, 220 VDC
  • Maximum switching power: 62.5 VA / 30W
  • Insulation Resistance: Minimum 1 GΩ
  • Connect Type: Clamp terminal, # 24 AWG wire size


  • USB Cable
  • Power Cord
  • Quick Start Guide-SDM3065X
  • Multimeter Probes
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Siglent is a brand known for its high-quality and reliable electronic test and measurement equipment. Founded in 2002, the company has quickly become a leading supplier of oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, and other test and measurement equipment for various industries such as telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, and education.

One of Siglent's key strengths is its commitment to innovation and technological advancement. The brand invests heavily in research and development to create innovative products that meet the changing needs of its customers. This has led to numerous awards and recognitions, including "China's Excellent Test and Measurement Equipment Award" and the "Red Dot Design Award"

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