Three-Phase Power Meter PCE-830-1

Three-Phase Power Meter PCE-830-1

The 3-Phase-Power Meter / 3-Phase Power Analyzer is used for measuring one to three phases of electrical quantities for alternating current (AC).


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Three-Phase Power Meter PCE-830-1

The 3-Phase-Power Meter / 3-Phase Power Analyzer is used for measuring one to three phases of electrical quantities for alternating current (AC). This 3-Phase-Power Meter also measures parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, harmonics, and power as well as indicating, according to standard EN50160, harmonic values, interharmonics, and asymmetric. Interference, such as interruptions, leaks, overloads, or transience (from 16 µs) are detected with their corresponding values.

The backlit LCD, with high resolution, can show up to 35 parameters simultaneously. Up to 3 clips can be attached at the same time to the 3-Phase-Power Meter. In data logger mode, it can save up to 17,470 readings (3 phases / 4 conductors), in a simpler set up (1 phase / 2 conductors) it can save up to 52,400 readings, split into 85 groups. All this makes the PCE-830 3-Phase-Power Meter the ideal instrument for taking measurements over long durations.

Measurement values obtained can be sent to a computer and be processed with the included analysis software. The device comes with everything needed to be measuring and analysing from the moment it arrives. Although the 3-Phase-Power Meter comes calibrated from the manufacturer, an optional laboratory calibration and certificate, that meets ISO standards, can be ordered separately with the device or when a recalibration is required.

– Analysis of a network of 3 phases / 4 conductors, 3 phases / 3 conductors, 1 phase / 2 conductors, 1 phase / 3 conductors
– Measures effective real value (V 123 and I 123)
– Measures active power (W, KW, MW, GW)
– Measures apparent and reactive power (KVA, KVAR)
– Power Factor (PF), phase angle (Φ)
– Measures energy and work (Wh, KWh, KVARh, PFh)
– Measures current from 0.1 mA to 3000 A, allowing for the reserve power of a factory to be determined
– Large LCD that shows up to 35 parameters simultaneously (3P4W [=3 phases/4 conductors])
– CT conditions (1 to 600) and PT (1 to 3000) are programmable
– Indicates current waveforms and voltage overlap.
– 512 KB of memory with programmable intervals to save data every 2 to 3000 seconds, 17,470 readings using the system of 3 phases / 4 conductors
– Indicates waveforms, efficiency parameters, and harmonic distortion
– Backlit LCD with dot matrix
– Average power (AD in W, KW, MW)
– Maximum power (MD in W, KW, MW) with the programmable period
– Analysis of harmonic distortion up to a curvature of 99
– Indication of up to 50º form of harmonic wave
– Indication of the wave form with maximum value (1024 readings / period)
– Analysis of absolute distortion (%THD-F)
– Diagram of graphic equilibrium with parameters of a 3 phase system
– Detects up to 28 transistors (time and cycles) with a programmable threshold (%)
– Relation of 3 phases of voltage or asymmetrical current (VUR)
– Factor of 3 phases of voltage and asymmetrical current (d0%, d2%)
– USB port (optically insulated)
– Integrated timer and calendar to record data
– Maximum diameter of the electrical conductor for the amp clamp: the PCE-6801 ~30 mm / 1.2 in, PCE-6802 ~55 mm / 2.2 in, PCE-3007 ~170 mm / 6.7 in

Three-Phase Power Meter PCE-830-1 Specifications:

Measurement values:

PCE-830 + PCE-6801
Watts AC (50 or 60Hz, PF 0.5 up to 1)

5.0 W to 999.9 W / 0.1 W / ±1% ±0.8 W

1.000 kW to 9.999 kW / 0.001 k W / ±1% ±8 W

10.00 kW to 99.99 kW / 0.01 kW / ±1% ±80 W

100.0 kW to 999.9 kW / 0.1 kW / ±1% ±0.8 kW

1000 kW to 9999 kW / 1 kW / ±1% ±8 kW

PCE-830 + PCE-6801
Current AC (50 or 60Hz, auto range select,

0.04A to 1A / 0.001A / ±0.5% ±0.05A
0.4A to 10.0A / 0.01A / ±0.5% ±0.05A
4A to 100.0A / 0.1A / ±1.0% ±0.5A

Voltage AC (50 Hz or 60 Hz, TRMS)
(measure between phase and neutral)

20.0 V to 600.0 V / 0.1 V / ±0.5% ±5 digits

1º to 20º / 0.1% / ±1.0%

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