CEM DT-9896 Thermal Camera

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CEM DT-9896 Thermal Camera

The CEM DT-9896 Thermal Camera is a high-performance thermal imager designed for a variety of applications. It features a high-resolution IR display for detailed image capture and comes equipped with advanced functionalities like auto fusion mode for enhanced image quality. This camera is suitable for precise thermal measurement with a wide temperature range, providing dynamic enhancement through its algorithm that is particularly useful in industrial and technical diagnostics.

High-performance 640×480 thermal camera and high-resolution color TFT LCD. A clear view from every angle under the sun Accurately identify potential problems by combining digital and IR images. With a standard screen, USB output, and removable SD card.

CEM DT-9896 Key Features

  • 3.5” 640×480 Big brilliant touch screen, clear view from any angle under the sun
  • 640×480 High Performance Thermal Imager with high-resolution TFT color LCD display
  • Built-in laser distance function
  • Capture additional measurements fast and conveniently with wireless modules
  • Find problems faster and easier with accurately identify potential issues by combining digital and IR images
  • Picture in Picture function displays thermal image super-imposed over a digital image
  • LED Flashlight allows the visual camera and fusion to be used in poorly lit environments
  •  ±2% Accuracy for reliable temperature measurement
  • An easy-to-access thumbnail image gallery helps you to quickly review and find your thermal images.
  • Powerful Auto Fusion mode(AUF)
  • Equipped with standard video, USB outputs as well as a removable SD card.

CEM DT-9896 Specifications

Imaging and optical data
IR resolutionfocal plane array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer**
Field of View (FOV)29.8° × 22.6°**
Spatial resolution(IFOV)**
Thermal sensitivity/NETD< 0.05°C @ +30°C (+86°F) / 50 mK**
Image frequency50Hz**
Laser range finding function


0.05 to 30m(0.15ft to 98ft)**
Typically: ±2mm(±0.06in)
Image presentation**
Display3.5″ 640x480TFT , capacitive touch screen**
Image modesIR image, visual image, picture in picture, AUF,Distance**
Color palettes


IRON, Rainbow, Grey, Grey Inverted, Brown, Blue-red,**
hot-cold, Feather, Above alarm, Below alarm, Zone alarm, vision zone
Object temperature rangeLow range: –20°C to +150°C (–4°F to +302°F)**
High range: 0°C to +650°C (+32°F to +1202°F)
Extend to 1500°C (2732°F) (optional)
Accuracy±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading**
Measurement analysis**
Emissivity adjustable0.01~1.0 Adjustable**
Automatic hot /cold detection


Auto hot or cold spotmeter marks**
line analyse,area analyse
Laser/floodlight< class2 / white LED floodlight**
Language selectionEnglish, Chinese, French, German, Spanish**
Storage of videos/images**
Storage media16G bytes Micro SD card**
Video storage formatStandard MPEG-4, 640×480@30fps, on memory card > 60 minutes**
Digital camera**
Built-in visible light digital5M Pixels


Data communication interfaces**
USB interfaces


USB-micro, data transform between camera and PC**
remote control, live video
Wi-Fi connectivity


Wi-Fi connectivity allows to send images and data to**
mobile devices remote control, live video
Power system**
BatteryLithium polymer battery, 4 hours operating time**
Input voltageDC 5V**
Charging systemIn camera (AC adapter)
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CEM Corporation, founded in 1978, is renowned for its pioneering contributions to scientific instrumentation with a focus on microwave-based technology for laboratory and research applications. The founders—Dr. Michael J. Collins (Chemist), Ronald Goetchius (Electrical Engineer), and Bill Cruse Jr. (Mechanical Engineer)—launched the company with a novel concept for microwave drying that significantly expedited moisture and solids analysis processes from hours down to minutes, which was a groundbreaking improvement at the time.

Product Innovation and Evolution

Over the years, CEM Corporation has expanded its product offerings beyond its original microwave moisture/solids analysis systems. Their portfolio now includes systems for:
  • Acid digestion for elemental analysis
  • Compositional testing of food products
  • Peptide and chemical synthesis
The company's dedication to innovation is reflected in their development of a diverse range of instruments suited for various applications from academic research to industrial quality control.
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