CLAMP ON AC/DC HiTESTER 3288 Key Features:

  • Voltage, resistance, and continuity check functions
  • Use the 3288 for high current measurements such as UPS emergency batteries and train motors
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Hioki’s clamp meters are premium meters that incorporate Hioki’s expertise in current measurement technology. The 3288 and 3288-20 Clamp Meters are AC/DC current and voltage clamp meters that also measure continuity and resistance, and feature a double-lever jaw and a slim profile for easy access to tight wires.

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They are very useful as they allow you to clip the probe around an existing conductor without having to disconnect and reroute the cables. The clamp meters read direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) magnitude as well as phase shift and waveform.

 Hitester 3288 Clamp On Ammeter For Dc

hioki 3288 price

A lot of people wonder why there is such a big difference in Hioki-3288 prices, and it’s because each manufacturer has their own set of standards that they use to determine how much they should charge for their products. you can always check the live price on our website.

hioki 3288 datasheet

you can always download this product or other products like hioki 3288-20 manual from the manual tab on our site.

How do I use the AC digital clamp meter?

  1. Turn the dial to set the clamp meter to measure current.
  2. Make sure the measurement range is correct. The meter can be severely damaged if the selected range is significantly below the measured value, so select a higher range.
  3. on the meter is highly recommended. Open the jaws of the current clamp and place them around the wire whose current is to be measured.
  4. Observe the reading on the screen.

How does a DC amp clamp work?

The clamp surrounds the wire, creating a magnetic field around it according to Ampere’s law. The magnetic field is concentrated on an iron core contained in the clamp. The magnetic field is detected in an air gap containing a semiconductor space. Effect Detector


CLAMP ON AC/DC HiTESTER 3288 Specification:

  • DC Current: 100.0/ 1000 A / accuracy: ±1.5 % rdg
  • AC Current:100.0/ 1000 A / accuracy: ±1.5 % rdg
  • DC Voltage: 419.9 mV to 600 V / accuracy: ±1.3 % rdg
  • AC Voltage: 4.199 V to 600 V / accuracy: ±2.3 % rdg
  • Resistance: 419.9 Ω to 41.99 MΩ / accuracy: ±2 % rdg
  • Power supply: Coin type lithium battery (CR2032) ×1
  • Dimensions and mass: 57 mm (2.24 in) W × 180 mm (7.09 in) H × 16 mm (0.63 in) D, 150 g

Hitester 3288

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  1. Gregory

    A clamp ammeter, reasonable price and quality

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