Digital Multimeters KEW 1051

Digital Multimeters KEW 1051 KEY FEATURES

• 0.09% basic DC accuracy
• Large display with 6,000 counts
• True-RMS Measurements
• Low-pass filter for motor drive measurements
• User calibration function

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Digital Multimeters KEW1051 

The Kyoritsu 1051 Multimeter digital multimeter (Kyoritsu 1051 Multimeter) with high precision and efficiency with the ability to measure True RMS is used in the electrical industry. The Cioritsu 1051 digital multimeter can measure the temperature in degrees Celsius. This device has a noise reduction filter, backlight, and the ability to record information instantly.


  • High Accuracy, High Performance, and Reliable Measurements
  • 0.09% basic DC accuracy
  • Display with 6000 counts truerms
  • True-RMS Measurements
  • True-RMS or MEAN value detection mode can be selected
  • Low-pass filter for motor drive measurements
  • User calibration function

Safety design for industrial use

  • Complies with IEC 61010-1 CAT.IV 600V, CAT.III 1000V
  • Terminal shutter to prevent incorrect test leads’ insertion in current terminals
  • Very wide operating temperature range from -10 to 55C


The KEW 1051 digital multimeter is known for its high accuracy with a basic accuracy of ±0.1% for DC voltage measurements. This level of accuracy is essential for accurate measurements, especially in critical applications like electronics.

Easy to use:

The KEW 1051 digital multimeter is easy to use, with a large LCD display that provides clear readings. It also has a number of features, including a data hold function that freezes the reading for easy on-screen viewing.


Safety: Safety is a top priority when working with electrical equipment and the KEW 1051 Digital Multimeter offers several safety features to protect the user. For example, it has a built-in voltage detector that alerts the user when voltage is present even when the meter is not in use. In addition, it meets CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V safety standards.


Built to last, the KEW 1051 digital multimeter features a rugged design that can withstand harsh environments. It is also water and dust resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Price: The KEW 1051 digital multimeter is relatively expensive compared to other models on the market. This can be impractical for users on a tight budget or those who only need a multimeter occasionally.

Limited Functionality: While the KEW 1051 digital multimeter offers a number of features, it may not have all of the functionality that some users require. For example, there is no backlight, which makes it difficult to read in poor lighting conditions.

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Digital Multimeters Kyoritsu 1051 Specifications 

  • DC / AC V : 600.0mV/6.000/60.00/600.0/1000V
  • DC / AC A  : 600.0/6000µA/60.00/440.0mA/6.000/10.00A
  • Ω : 600.0Ω/6.000/60.00/600.0kΩ/6.000/60.00MΩ
  • Continuity buzzer: 600.0Ω (The buzzer turns on for resistances lower than 50±30Ω)
  • Diode test : 2.000V ±1%rdg±2dgt
  • Capacitance : 10.00/100.0nF/1.000/10.00/100.0/1000µF
  • Frequency : 10.00 – 99.99/90.0 – 999.9Hz/0.900 – 9.999/9.00 – 99.99kHz
  • Temperature: -50 – 600ºC ±2%rdg±2ºC (with the use of K-type Temperature probe)
  • Applicable standards: IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V Pollution degree 2,
  • Power source: R6 (1.5V)×4 (Auto power off: approx. 20 minutes)
  • Dimensions : 192(L)×90(W)×49(D) mm
  • Weight:  560g (including batteries)
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  1. David

    a powerful and practical Multimeter

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Kyoritsu Corporation Since its founding in 1940, Kyoritsu has made customer satisfaction and providing high quality products and services their top priorities. State of the art electrical measurement technology products are the backbone of their company's business. Kyoritsu's wide line of testers has contributed to technological developments and industrial infrastructures worldwide.


Data Sheet


Electrical Specifications
AC voltage range/resolution/accuracy

, , , ,

DC voltage range/resolution/Accuracy

, , , ,

AC current range/resolution/Accuracy

, , , , ,

Resistance Range/resolution/Accuracy

6.000kΩ/±(0.4%rdg±1dgt), 60.00kΩ/±(0.4%rdg±1dgt), 60.00MΩ/±(0.4rdg±1dgt), 600.0kΩ/±(0.4%rdg±1dgt), 600.0Ω/±(0.4%rdg±1dgt)

Capacitance Range/resolution/Accuracy

1.000µF/±(2%rdg±1dgt), 10.00nF/±(2%rdg±1dgt), 10.00µF/±(2%rdg±1dgt), 100.0nF/±(2%rdg±1dgt), 100.0µF/±(2%rdg±1dgt), 1000µF/±(2%rdg±1dgt)

Mechanical and General Specifications




Data Hold

Diode test



True RMS