Fluke 2042 Cable locator

The Fluke 2042 Cable locator is a professional general purpose cable locator. It is ideal for tracing cables in walls and underground, locating fuses/breakers on final circuits and locating interruptions and short-circuits in cables and electrical floor heating systems.

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Fluke 2042 -Cable Locator

The Fluke 2042 is a high-quality general-purpose cable locator. It’s great for tracing cables in walls and underground, finding fuses/breakers on final circuits, and finding interruptions and short circuits in cables and electrical floor heating systems. It’s also useful for locating metallic water and heating pipes. The equipment is sold as a complete kit that includes a transmitter and receiver in a custom-made carry case. The receiver also has a torch mode for functioning in low-light situations. It includes a transmitter and a receiver that work in tandem to offer precise and efficient cable tracing.

The accuracy of the Fluke 2042 Cable locator is one of its key advantages. The device can detect cables and wires up to two meters down, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, the transmitter and receiver have adjustable signal strength, allowing users to locate cables even in the most difficult environments. Another advantage of the Fluke 2042 Cable locator is its simplicity. The device has a basic user interface that requires little training to use. Furthermore, the transmitter and receiver are lightweight and portable, making them simple to transport to various job sites.

the Essential Features of the Fluke 2042-Cable Locator

The Fluke 2042 Cable Locator includes a variety of essential features, including a big, backlit display that is simple to read in any lighting condition. It also offers adjustable signal intensity, allowing you to tailor the signal to your exact requirements. The device is also tough and resilient, having sturdy housing that can resist extreme conditions.

The Fluke2042 Cable Locator also has a battery-saving auto power-off mode, a built-in continuity tester, and a selection of attachments that make it useful in a variety of situations.

Overall, the Fluke 2042 Cable Locator is a versatile and dependable gadget that can be used for a variety of tasks, including identifying buried cables and pipes and tracing wires in buildings and industrial environments.

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Key features of Fluke-2042

  • For all applications (live or dead cables) without additional instruments
  • Set includes a transmitter and a receiver
  • Proven digitally coded sender signal guarantees clear signal identification
  • Transmitter with LC-display for transmitting level, transmitting code, and external voltage
  • Receiver with a backlight LC-display for the level of receiving the signal, code of receiving the signal, and live voltage indication
  • Automatic or manual adjustment of receiving signal sensitivity
  • Acoustical receiving signal switchable
  • Auto-Power-Off
  • Additional torch lamp function for working in dark environments
  • Additional transmitters are available for the extension to distinguish between several signals

Fluke-2042 Cable locator specifications:

  • Voltage Measurement Range (Transmitter): 12V, 50V, 120V, 230V, 400V
  • Frequency Range (Transmitter): 0 to 60Hz
  • Output Signal (Transmitter):125kHz
  • Tracing Depth Cable Location (Receiver):0 to 2.5m Wall/Underground Cables
  • Mains Voltage Detection (Receiver): 0 to 0.4m

Environmental Specifications:

  • Operating Temperature:Transmitter: 0 to 40°C
    Receiver: 0 to 40°C
  • Storage Temperature:Transmitter: -20 to 60°C
    Receiver: -20 to 60°C
  • Humidity (Without Condensation): Transmitter: Max 80% relative
    Receiver: Max 80% relative
  • Operating Altitude: Transmitter: Up to 2000m
    Receiver: Up to 2000m
Safety Specifications:
  • Electrical Safety: EN 61010-1
  • Overvoltage Category: CAT III 300V

You can get more specifications from Fluke 2042 cable locator datasheet.

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Data Sheet

Data Sheet


DC Voltage(Range/Resolution/Accuracy)

12 V to 400 V

Frequency (Range/Resolution/Accuracy)

0…60 Hz

cable fault
Distance Measurement(Range/Accuracy/Resolution)

0…2.5 m wall/underground cables

Mechanical and General Specifications

Receiver: 250 mm x 65 mm x 45mm, Transmitter: 190 mm x 85 mm x 50 mm

Operating temperature

0 to 40°C

Storage temperature

-20 – 60ºC

Operating altitude

2000 m

Other features of the device

Output signal: 125 kHz