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Megger Digiphone+2 Shock Wave Receiver

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Fluke 2042 Cable locator

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Fluke 2042 cable finder

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Introducing the Cable Locator product category, designed to provide efficient and precise detection and tracing of underground cables. Cable detectors are essential tools for professionals in the utility, construction, and telecommunications industries.

They assist in finding subterranean cables, lowering the possibility of accidentally damaging them, assuring good maintenance, and facilitating cable installs. Discover our selection of cable detectors, which provide cutting-edge features and dependable performance to match your unique cable locating requirements.

Cable detectors efficiently and safely enable excavation by detecting the presence of subterranean cables, such as power cables, telephone cables, and utility lines. They frequently have a signal intensity indicator that aids in cable location. It enables accurate cable tracing by providing visual or audible feedback to show the intensity of the detected signal.

In conclusion, experts in the utility, construction, and telecommunications industries rely heavily on cable detectors. Their cutting-edge features and dependable performance allow for precise subterranean cable detection and tracing, ensuring effective maintenance, reducing the chance of accidentally damaging wires, and allowing successful cable installs.

Features of Cable Locators

  • Cable Detection(underground cable locator service)
  • Depth Estimation
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Multiple Operating Modes
  • Frequency Selection


Q: How to use an underground cable detector?

A: Determine the operating mode based on the type of cable you are trying to locate. Common modes include power mode for live power cables, radio mode for tracing radio frequency signals, and induction mode for non-metallic or shielded cables.

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