Fluke 9009-B-156 Dual Range Dry-Block Calibrator

The Fluke Calibration 9009-B-156 includes two independently controlled temperature blocks. The hot block provides temperatures from 50 °C to 350 °C, while the cold block covers the range –15 °C to 110 °C.

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Fluke Calibration 9009-B-156 Dual-Well Dry-Well

Fluke 9009-B-156 A temperature calibration device, such as the Fluke Calibration 9009 Dual-Well Dry-Well, is used to calibrate temperature probes and sensors. This device has two wells, one for the reference temperature probe and one for the device being calibrated. The Fluke Calibration 9009 Dual-Well Dry-Well Calibration Tool is widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and aerospace.

The Fluke 9009B 156 has two temperature blocks that are individually controlled. The hot block has a temperature range of -15 °C to 350 °C, while the cold block has a temperature range of -15 °C to 110 °C. A precision Hart Scientific temperature controller controls each block. These aren’t just any old controllers slapped into a box. These are Hart Scientific controllers from the world’s premier temperature company.

Enhance Calibration Efficiency with the Fluke Calibration 9009 Dual-Well Dry-Well: A Versatile Solution for Precise Temperature Calibration

Each temperature block has two detachable inserts in each well. You can calibrate four probes at once, or two probes at once using an external reference (such as Hart’s Model 1521 LLK Thermometer), or use the two temperature wells to acquire quick “zero” and “span” references for transmitter calibrations.

The Fluke Calibration 9009 Dual-Well Dry-Well is a versatile and accurate calibration equipment with a number of advantages. First and foremost, it is simple to use, with calibration taking only a few minutes. Second, it is a portable equipment that is convenient to transport to different job places. Third, it has a broad temperature range, making it ideal for calibrating various temperature sensors and probes. Finally, it has a sturdy build that makes it long-lasting and durable.

  • Temperatures from –15 °C to 350 °C in one unit
  • Two wells in each block for simultaneous comparison calibrations
  • Rugged, lightweight, water-resistant enclosure

Fluke 9009B156 Specifications:

  • Fluke 9009B156 Range : Hot block: 122 to 662°F (50 to 350°C)
    Cold block: 5 to 230°F (–15 to 110°C) (17 to 230°F (-8 to 110°C) when hot block is at 662°F (350°C))
  • Accuracy (Ambient at 23°C ±5°C) : Hot block: ±0.6°C ,Cold block: ±0.2°C
  • Stability : Hot block: “0.1°C from 122 to 212°F (50 to 100°C), “0.05°C > 212°F (100°C)
    Cold block: °0.05°C
  • Well-to-Well Uniformity : ±0.1°C
  • Display Resolution : 0.1°
  • Heating Times : Hot block: 30 minutes from 77 to 662°F (25 to 350°C)
    Cold block: 15 minutes from 77 to 230°F (25 to 110°C)
  • Cooling Times : Hot block: 40 minutes from 662 to 212°F (350 to 100°C)
    Cold block: 16 minutes from 77 to 5°F (25 to -15°C)
  • Stabilization Times : 8 minutes
  • Well Depth : 4″ (102 mm)
  • Removable Inserts : Two ¼” (6.4 mm) and 3/16″ (4.8 mm) inserts included
  • Power : 115 VAC (±10%), 50/60 Hz, 3 A, 250 W
  • Heater : Hot block: 135 W ,Cold block: 40 W TED
  • Cooling  : Hot block: Fan ,Cold block: 40 W TED
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