Fluke TLK282 SureGrip Deluxe Automotive Test Lead Kit

The Fluke TLK282 is a premium test lead kit designed specifically for automotive testing and troubleshooting. It includes durable, high-quality test leads and probes that are suited for the demands of auto repair.

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Fluke TLK282 SureGrip Deluxe Automotive Test Lead Kit

Fluke TLK282 SureGrip™ Deluxe Automotive Test Lead Kit is an upgraded version of the TLK281 test lead kit. It includes all the same accessories as the TLK281 but also includes additional items such as a hook clip set, a plunger-style alligator clip set, and a push-on adapter set. These added accessories provide even more versatility and options for testing various types of circuits and components. The TLK282 is designed for professionals who require a wide range of test lead options for their work.

Kit contains:

  • TP81 Insulation Piercing Clip Set
  • TP40 Automotive Back Probe Pins (five)
  • TL224 Suregrip™ Silicone Test Lead Set
  • TP220 Suregrip™ Test Probe Set
  • AC220 Suregrip™ Alligator Clip Set
  • AC285 Suregrip™ Large Jaw Alligator Clip Set
  • AC280 Suregrip™ Hook Clip Set
  • Soft Case
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