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HIOKI IR3455 High voltage insulation tester


  • Wide testing voltage range, up to 5.00 kV from 250 V DC
  • Wide measurement insulation range, up to 10 TΩ
  • Data memory function to reduce handwritten notes
  • Measure insulation of high-voltage equipment (such as transformers, cables, and motors)
  • PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric Absorption Ratio) automatically calculated / display
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Hioki insulation resistance testers or megohmmeters feature all-in-one designs including built-in rugged cases and test lead storage compartments. The IR3455 hioki 5kv insulation tester is a 5-range, 250 V to 5000 V digital insulation resistance tester offering up to 10 TΩ of insulated resistance testing.

High-performance features include bar graph, built-in memory, leak current, and voltage testing, and DAR and PI calculation capabilities to help shorten work time associated with field insulation testing.

What is a high-voltage insulation tester?

Quality electrical insulation is of paramount importance in virtually any electrical system, not only ensuring reliable operation but also reducing the risk of electrical surges to electrical equipment and personnel. External physical and chemical factors slowly degrade the insulating material, which can fail at the most inopportune moment.

Changes in the dielectric properties of insulation materials that can lead to failure are best detected by high-voltage testing using high-voltage insulation testers, megohmmeters, or megohmmeters as they are commonly known.

High Voltage Insulation Tester Ir3455


In the high-voltage system, the insulation resistance is measured with a 5000-volt DC megger for voltages up to 6.6 kV. In addition, the insulation resistance is measured under the following conditions. Routine inspection according to the planned maintenance system (PMS).

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High-voltage insulation tester hioki ir3455 Specification:

  • Measurement range: 0.00 MΩ to 500 GΩ (250 V) / 0.00 MΩ to 10.0 TΩ (5 kV)
  • Measurement current: 1 mA (Test voltage 250 V to 1.00 kV), 0.5 mA (Test voltage 1.10 kV to 2.50 kV)
  • Resistance range: 10 MΩ to 10 TΩ, 7 ranges (auto range)
  • Leakage current measurement: 1.00 nA to 1.20 mA, 6 ranges / Accuracy ±2.5% rdg
  • Voltage measurement: ±50 V to ±1.00 kV DC, 50 V to 750 V AC (50/60 Hz) / Accuracy: ±5 % rdg
  • Temperature measurement: -10.0 ˚C to 70.0 ˚C, 3 ranges / Accuracy ±1.0 ˚C (0.0 ˚C to 40.0 ˚C)
  • Power supply: LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries ×6, the Battery pack 9459, or AC adapter 9753 or 9418-15 (100 – 240 VAC)
  • Dimensions and mass: 260 mm (10.24 in)W × 250.6 mm (9.87 in)H × 119.5 mm (4.70 in)D, 2.8 kg
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Hioki is a renowned Japanese brand known for its expertise in developing and manufacturing electrical measuring instruments. The company, Hioki E.E. Corporation, was established in 1935, and since then, it has committed itself to providing innovative solutions in the field of electrical measurement.

Hioki's product range is extensive, including devices such as digital multimeters, clamp meters, power meters, and oscilloscopes. These instruments are vital for various applications in research and development, maintenance, and production testing across industries like electronics, energy, and automotive. One of the key strengths of Hioki is its focus on precision and reliability, traits that are crucial in measurement instruments. Hioki’s products are designed to offer accuracy and durability, which make them preferred choices among professionals worldwide.

Moreover, Hioki emphasizes technological innovation and quality. The company invests significantly in research and development to keep up with evolving technological trends and to ensure their products meet the highest standards. This commitment to quality is reflected in their adherence to international certifications and standards. Hioki also values environmental sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices in their operations and product designs. This includes efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes and to design products that are energy efficient.

DATA sheet

Data Sheet


Technical Specifications

Specification Details
Test Voltage 250 V to 5.00 kV DC, adjustable in 25 V steps between 250 V and 1 kV, 100 V steps between 1 kV and 5 kV
Measurement Range 0.00 MΩ to 500 GΩ at 250 V, 0.00 MΩ to 1.00 TΩ at 500 V, 0.00 MΩ to 2.00 TΩ at 1 kV, 0.00 MΩ to 5.00 TΩ at 2.5 kV, 0.00 MΩ to 10.0 TΩ at 5 kV
Measurement Current 1 mA (250 V to 1.00 kV), 0.5 mA (1.10 kV to 2.50 kV), 0.25 mA (2.60 kV to 5.00 kV), Short-circuit current: ≤2 mA
Resistance Range 10 MΩ to 10 TΩ, 7 ranges (auto range)
Accuracy ±5% rdg. ±5 dgt. up to the specified voltage/resistance, ±20% rdg. ±5 dgt. or ±30% rdg. ±50 dgt. depending on conditions
Leakage Current Measurement 1.00 nA to 1.20 mA, 6 ranges, ±2.5% rdg. ±5 dgt. at 1 mA range
Voltage Measurement ±50 V to ±1.00 kV DC, 50 V to 750 V AC, ±5% rdg. ±5 dgt., Input resistance: Approx. 10 MΩ
Temperature Measurement -10.0 ˚C to 70.0 ˚C, 3 ranges, ±1.0 ˚C from 0.0 ˚C to 40.0 ˚C
Other Functions Insulation Diagnosis, Data memory, USB 2.0 communication, auto discharge, hot conductor warning, etc.
Display Digital LCD with backlight, max. 999 digits, Bar graph display
Power Supply LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries ×6, Battery pack 9459, AC adapter 9753 or 9418-15
Continuous Use Approx. 5 hr with LR6, 9 hr with battery pack 9459 at 5 kV
Dimensions and Mass 260 mm W × 250.6 mm H × 119.5 mm D, 2.8 kg
Included Accessories Various test leads and alligator clips, LR6 batteries, USB cable, PC software (CD-R), instruction manual