KIMO HT100 TRMS Clamp meter with open jaws for measures up to 200A AC

The HT100 TRMS Clamp Meter is a precise measurement tool for current, voltage, and resistance in electrical devices. This device has many advantages, including high accuracy, open connectivity, multiple tasks, portability, and more. Additionally, this device with features such as frequency, temperature, and power measurement, is suitable for various applications such as electric industry, electronics, production, automotive, construction, mining, etc.

  • True RMS technology
  • Measurement range for AC up to 400 amperes
  • Measurement range for AC/DC voltage up to 1000 volts
  • Measurement range for resistance up to 20 megaohms
  • LCD with backlight
  • Measurement capability for frequency up to 1 kilohertz
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HT100 TRMS Clamp Meter Introduction

The HT100 TRMS Clamp Meter a product of “Emco Kimo Electronic company” is an electrical measuring tool designed to accurately measure AC current up to 200 amps. This device is equipped with open jaws that allow the user to place electrical wires inside them without disconnecting the circuit and measuring the current.

HT100 TRMS Clamp Meter has high TRMS (True RMS) accuracy that enables the user to measure AC current accurately even in cases where the electrical signal is a half-wave. Additionally, the device has an LCD display that allows the user to easily read the measured data.

The HT100 TRMS Clamp Meter with open jaws for measuring up to 200A AC is used in many electrical applications such as measuring current in electrical circuits, repairing and maintaining electrical equipment, and industrial applications. With its suitable and practical design, this device allows users to accurately measure AC current in electrical circuits. In addition to this, the high-quality construction and reliability of the device make it a suitable choice for individuals working in the electrical and industrial fields.

HT100 TRMS Clamp Meter Applications

Here are some of the common applications where the HT100 TRMS Clamp Meter can be used:

  • Electrical Connection Testing:

This device can test electrical connections with AC type, allowing the user to test electrical connections and detect problems such as short circuits, disconnected connections, and so on.

  • AC Current Measurement:

With its open jaws, this device can accurately measure electrical current up to 200AAC.

  • Testing Electronic Devices:

This device can be used to test electronic devices such as multimeters, ammeters, voltmeters, and so on.

  • Power and Active Power Measurement:

With the ability to measure power and active power, this device allows the user to accurately measure power consumption.

  • Voltage Measurement:

This device can be used to measure AC voltage.

  • HVAC Equipment Testing:

This device is used to test HVAC equipment such as heating and cooling pumps, ventilation fans, etc.

  • Household Appliance Power Consumption Monitoring:

This device, with the ability to measure power and active power, can help users monitor the power consumption of household appliances.

  • Solar Panel Power Testing:

Using this device, solar panel power can be measured and checked to see if the panels are functioning properly or not.

  • Electric Motor Inspection:

This device can inspect electric motors and diagnose problems such as breakage, oscillations, and faults in electrical wires.

  • Lighting and Control System Inspection:

This device can inspect lighting and control systems such as fluorescent lamps, LED lamps, and DC motors.

In general, the HT100 TRMS Clamp Meter with suitable technical specifications is suitable for various applications and can be used in various industries such as electrical, electronic, manufacturing, automotive, construction, mining, etc.

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HT100 TRMS Clamp Meter specification

  • Equipped with True RMS technology
  • AC measurement range up to 400 amps
  • AC/DC voltage measurement range up to 1000 volts
  • Resistance measurement ranges up to 20 megaohms
  • LCD with backlight
  • Frequency measurement capability up to 1 kilohertz
  • Data Hold function
  • Ability to connect to a computer using a USB cable and corresponding software
  • Resistance range: 60 megaohms
  • Frequency measurement capability: up to 10 megahertz
  • Diode and continuity testing capability
  • LCD with backlight for better readability in low-light conditions
  • Battery protection feature for prolonged non-use
  • Auto power off for battery protection
  • Durable body with high-quality materials for impact resistance.
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