KIMO XL421 TRMS Single-Phase Data Logger

The KIMO XL421 TRMS single-phase Data Logger new kind of power quality analyzer from Emco Kimo Electronic is an advanced instrument for measuring and recording AC currents in single-phase power systems. With its versatile applications and advanced features, it serves as an essential tool for load current assessment and transformer power rating determination. Its portable design, flexible clamping jaw, and long-term memory management make it a reliable choice.

  • High Current Measurement Capability: Up to 2500A AC
  • Flexible Mobile Structure with Integrated Flex Clamp Jaws
  • Advanced Memory Management Algorithm
  • Selectable Sampling Period: 1s, 6s, 30s, 1min
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KIMO XL421 TRMS single-phase Data Logger Introduction

The KIMO XL421 TRMS single-phase Data Logger, developed by “Emco Kimo Electronic“, is a cutting-edge instrument designed to measure and record the True Root Mean Square (TRMS) value of AC currents in single-phase power systems. this kind of power quality analyzer with its advanced features and versatile applications has become an essential tool for load current assessment, transformer power rating determination, and more.

Featuring an integrated flexible clamping jaw, the KIMO XL421 TRMS single-phase Data Logger boasts a portable construction that enables easy installation and use. The jaws are capable of accommodating large cables or rods, ensuring maximum convenience in various situations. Notably, the device’s memory management algorithm allows for continuous system monitoring over extended periods.

With selectable sampling intervals of 1, 6, 30, and 60 seconds, the KIMO XL421 TRMS single-phase Data Logger starts recording based on user preferences. When the memory reaches capacity, the instrument utilizes a “resampling” technique, adjusting previously stored values to the new sampling interval. This clever approach optimizes memory usage and enables continuous recording for approximately a year. Archived recordings can be easily downloaded and managed using dedicated software on a PC.

With an IP65 protection rating, the KIMO XL421 TRMS single-phase Data Logger ensures reliability even under severe operating conditions. Additionally, its compact size and special adhesive strip provide the flexibility to place the instrument precisely where measurements are required during installation.

The KIMO XL421 TRMS single-phase Data Logger complies with various directives, including CE marking, EMC 2014/30/EU, IEC/EN61326, IEC/EN61010-1, and LVD 2014/35/EU, ensuring safety and compliance with international standards.

In summary, the KIMO XL421 TRMS single-phase Data Logger combines accuracy, flexibility, and durability, making it an indispensable tool for professionals seeking precise measurements and reliable data logging in single-phase power systems.

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KIMO XL421 Applications

Here are some of the common applications where the KIMO XL421 TRMS single-phase current Data Logger can be used:

Load Current Evaluation:

  • Accurate measurement and recording of AC current facilitate the evaluation of load currents in single-phase electric systems.
  • Provides valuable data for analyzing power consumption and optimizing energy efficiency.

Transformer Rated Power Analysis:

  • Enables the determination of rated powers of transformers by measuring and recording AC current.
  • Helps assess the performance and capacity of transformers, ensuring proper functionality in electrical systems.

Power Quality Monitoring:

  • Monitors the quality of power supply by measuring and recording true root mean square (TRMS) values of AC current.
  • Detects irregularities, such as voltage sags, swells, harmonics, and disturbances, allowing for timely corrective actions.

Energy Audits:

  • Supports energy auditing processes by accurately measuring and logging AC current in single-phase systems.
  • Provides essential data for evaluating energy consumption patterns and identifying potential areas for energy savings.

Equipment Testing and Troubleshooting:

  • Aids in equipment testing and troubleshooting by recording AC current variations over time.
  • Helps identify abnormal current patterns, irregularities, or faults, assisting in diagnosing and resolving electrical issues.

Research and Data Analysis:

  • Facilitates research and data analysis in the field of electrical engineering and power systems.
  • Captures and stores comprehensive current data for further analysis, modeling, and understanding of electrical phenomena.

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting:

  • Assists in compliance with industry standards and regulations by providing accurate AC current measurements and recordings.
  • Supports the generation of reports for regulatory bodies, audits, and compliance verification.

KIMO XL421 Specifications

  • High Current Measurement Capability: Up to 2500A AC
  • Flexible Mobile Structure with Integrated Flex Clamp Jaws
  • Advanced Memory Management Algorithm
  • Selectable Sampling Period: 1s, 6s, 30s, 1min
  • Re-Sampling Function for Memory Optimization
  • Large Internal Memory Capacity: 1MB
  • User-Friendly Data Management and Download
  • Special Adhesive Strap for Versatile Placement
  • High Protection Rating: IP65
  • Power Supply: 2x AA Batteries
  • Compact Size: 120x80x43mm
  • Lightweight: 500g (including batteries)
  • Compliance with CE Mark, EMC, and LVD guidelines
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